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2751 William died young. Arthur, William (I19605)
2752 William DuVal was a member of one of the independent volunteer companies which marched with Patrick Henry to take possession of the gunpowder in the magazine at Williamsburg at the beginning of the revolutionary War. In June 1775 he served about two months as lieutenant of an independent company from Henrico Co., VA, but then raised a company of minute men which he commanded a Hampton, VA from the fall of 1775 until spring 1776. In Jan 1781 he again entered service from Hanover County during Arnold's invasion of Virginia. He was a member of the House of Delegates from Louisa County, 1782, and from Richmond, 1804-05. He was an attorney and served as mayor of Richmond, 1805-06. DuVal, Maj. William (I17162)
2753 William Eareckson is buried in the Jones plot (mother was Bessie Jones). Eareckson, William Winchester (I7073)
2754 William Edward Hatcher, Jr. was a captain in the War of 1812. He owned the Half-Way House on the Richmond-Petersburg turnpike and operated a stage line with a mail contract. Hatcher, Capt. William Edward Jr. (I19729)
2755 William Edward Pegram graduated M.D. from the Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1839, and served as surgeon of the 4th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A. Pegram, Dr. William Edward (I22316)
2756 William enlisted 21 Apr 1861 as a private in the 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, C.S.A., and served until parole 18 Apr 1865. Tatum, William Henry (I8566)
2757 William entered the College of William and Mary in 1804. He represented King and Quenn County in the House of Delegates, 1812-15; served in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1815-17; and then settled in Richmond where he was elected a councillor of state. After several years he settled at "Spring Garden," Hanover County, and was again elected to the House of Delegates, 1831-34, and the U.S. Senate, 1837-41. He was the grandson of founding father Patrick Henry. Roane, Sen. William Henry (I16352)
2758 William Essex La Trobe joined the Baptist Church at Broadmead, Bristol in 1871 and was a deacon there for twenty-eight years. In 1863 and 1883 his is listed in the Bristol, England directory: "La Trobe, William Essex, toy dealer, 9 Royal promenade, Queen's road, Clifton, & fancy repository, 6 Clare street." La Trobe, William Essex (I6227)
2759 William Ferdinand Chamberlayne Gregory graduated law from Yale Univ. and was a lawyer and planter in Amelia Co., VA. He represented Amelia and Nottoway counties in the Virginia House of Delegates, 1855-58. He was a major and commissary of Gen. Wise's brigade, C.S.A., and after the surrender settled in Petersburg, VA, where he practiced law and served several terms as mayor. Gregory, Maj. William Ferdinand Chamberlayne (I20192)
2760 William Fitzgerald was a captain during the Revolutionary Was and was at the battle of Guilford. Fitzgerald, Maj. William Jr. (I16578)
2761 William Fitzgerald was commissioned colonel of the 7th Regiment, 2nd Division, 4th Brigade of Alabama militia, 23 Jul 1833, and was colonel commandant 28 Apr 1840. Fitzgerald, Col. William (I16837)
2762 William Foster was Clerk of Courts. Foster, William Adolphus La Trobe (I3528)
2763 William Frederick Withers graduated A.B. from the Univ. of Alabama in 1857, and served as a lieutenant in the Confederate Army. Withers, William Frederick (I22017)
2764 William Fuller was murdered by his slaves. Fuller, William (I23150)
2765 William Gilpin and Elizabeth Washington had 12 children. Family F8753
2766 William Gilpin inherited Kentmere Hall and it passed on his death to his son George. When George died the estate passed to his son Charles, who was a captain in army of Charles I during the Civil War. He lost his inheritance with the downfall of the House of Stuart. Gilpin, William (I22890)
2767 William Gilpin was a captain in the King's Army and was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field during the War of the Roses. Gilpin, William (I22899)
2768 William Gilpin was an 8th generation of Richard de Guylpyn, known as "Richard the Rider", who was born about 1180. Richard was granted the estate of Kentmere, County Westmorland, around 1206 during the reign of King John. It is said he was granted the 4000 acres in compensation for slaying the "Wild Boar of Westmorland." On this land Richard erected "Kentmere Hall", still standing today, which was the home of the Gilpin family for five centuries. Gilpin, William (I22900)
2769 William Goodhand has the following pedigree, according to British Roots of Maryland Families II:
Andrew Goodhand m. Margaret, dau. of John Thoresby
.Thomas Goodhand m. Jane Harvy
..Charles Goodhand m. Jane Fotherby
...John Goodhand bur. 8 Sep 1590, m. Magdalen, dau. of Robert Plumpton
....William Goodhand d. abt. 1616, m. Anne or Agnes, dau. of George Gilby, who d. abt. 1617
.....William Goodhand m. 3 Oct 1604 Faith, dau. of John Micklethweaite <- parents of William 
Goodhand, William (I23075)
2770 William graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1840, was breveted for gallantry in the battles of Contreras and Churubusco during the Mexican War, and resigned May 1861. He was appointed colonel of the 7th Texas Cavalry, was promoted to Brigidier General, C.S.A., 12 Sep 1861, and had command of the Indian Territory in 1863. He was Adjutant General of Texas in 1873 serving until his death. Steele, Gen. William (I17296)
2771 William Greenhill was a student at the College of William and Mary in 1808. He qualified as a lieutenant of militia, 8 Dec 1808, and as lieutenant colonel of the 49th Regiment of militia succeeding Peter Randolph, 2 Apr 1812. He and Judge Peter Randolph were shot at Nottoway Court House on 29 May 1816 by Capt. Thomas Wells. In 1818 he was involved in a dispute with Col. George G. S. Bacon in which Bacon shot and killed his second, Dr. John S. Hardaway. His gravestone states he died in his 49th year. Greenhill, Lt. Col. William C. (I16589)
2772 William Gregory Brookes attended the Univ. of Virginia, 1859, and served in the Confederate Army. Brookes, William Gregory (I20243)
2773 William Gregory was a lawyer, a justice of the county court, and a member of the House of Delegates from King William Co., VA, 1798-99, 1801-07, 1815-16. He was one of the over-age residents of King William County who formed an independent company for home defense at the beginning of the War of 1812. Gregory, William (I7673)
2774 William Haskell Clement is listed as Charles on the 1880 Census. Clement, William Haskell (I23370)
2775 William Henry Foster was Commissioner of Crown Lands, Warden of the Gold Fields and Protector of the Chinese in Victoria, Australia. Foster, William Henry (I3518)
2776 William Henry Gorman wikipedia:
He was raised at a farmstead called "Good Fellowship" dating back to the original land grant by Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore, as well as a family home in Laurel, Maryland. He went to school at Boromeo College in Pikesville, Maryland. In 1866, he served as the deputy revenue collector alongside his brother. In 1871, he founded the Maryland and City Hotels in Annapolis, Maryland. In 1874, he co-founded the Annapolis Savings Institution, the Annapolis Water Company, and the Annapolis Gas and Electric Light Company. In 1884, Gorman moved to Baltimore, Maryland and started investing in coal companies. He was the president of The Piedmont Mining Company, and the Gorman Coal and Coke Company. Gorman was also on the board of directors of the Peidmont and Cumberland Railway. [2]

In 1890, Gorman co-founded of the Citizens Bank of Maryland with Barnes Compton and was named the Director.[3] In 1891, Gorman and his brother Arthur founded the Cumberland Coal Company in Tucker County, West Virginia with 300 employees and 140 coke ovens.[4]

Gorman and his father were the proprietors of several quarries in Laurel that supplied granite for the U.S. Treasury Building and the United States Capitol, and bridges for the B&O Railroad.

William Gorman died July 7, 1915 from a stroke paralysis at Ford Springs, Pennsylvania.[5] [] 
Gorman, William Henry (I13292)
2777 William Henry Harrison Clopton enlisted in the Brown Rifles, Company B, 3rd Georgia Infantry, C.S.A., in May 1861, and was discharged in Oct 1861 because of illness. He reenlisted 17 Mar 1862 in Company F, 44th Georgia Artillery. He was wounded at the Battle of Mechanicsville by a ball which tore away part of his scalp and exposed his brain. Clopton, William Henry Harrison (I22171)
2778 William Henry Harrison Gregory was appointed adjutant of the 42nd Regiment, North Carolina Troops, 22 Apr 1862. He was twice wounded in 1864 and was paroled at Charlotte, NC, 3 May 1865. Gregory, William Henry Harrison (I20094)
2779 William Henry Wilson enlisted 12 Mar 1862 as a private in Company B, 29th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. He was taken prisoner, 5 May 1862, at Williamsburg, VA, but later escaped. After the war he was a mining engineer in Colorado. Wilson, William Henry (I20676)
2780 William Holland was probably 12 years old when his parents moved to Baltimore. He died at 825 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore. His obituary stated he was the brother of the late Col. John C. Holland. Holland, William (I19808)
2781 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hallett, W.H. (I17569)
2782 William Hoomes Davis enlisted 19 Apr 1861 as a private in the Petersburg Rifles, Company E, 12th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. He was promoted to corporal in Jun 1862 and sergeant 1 Apr 1863. Davis, William Hoomes (I20906)
2783 William J. Claiborne is listed as Henry W. on the 1860 Census. The 1870 Census lists his birthplace as Louisiana. Claiborne, William J. (I8382)
2784 William Joseph Kennedy arrived from Ireland at 9 yrs old and never returned. Largest property owner in Jersey city. Member of the Wolf Tone Society (Irish Mafia). Immigrated with his parents in 1848 or per 1900 Census 1852. Naturalized Citizen according to 1900 census.

1861-62 Jersey City Directory: John B. Kennedy, Grocer at 306 South 7th. Any relation to William?

1874-75 Jersey City Directory: Grocer at 138 Morgan Street.

1876-77 Jersey City Directory: Grocer at 154 Morgan Street.

1881-82 Jersey City Directory: Grocer,151 1/2 Morgan Street. Martin (son) was also listed with this same address seperately with the occupation as clerk.

1860 Census?:Living with John and Margaret Leary in North Bergen, NJ on 16 July 1860. John and William listed occupation as Laborers. Williams age, 20.

1880 Census: Owns and lives at 151 Morgan Street, Jersey City, NJ. William (Husb), Mary (Wife), Martin, William, George, Thomas, James, Kierin, Theresa, and Bridget Maher (Mother). Perhaps this is Mary Patterson's mother or William's mother remarried?

1900 Census: Owns and lives at 186 15th Street, Jersey City, NJ. William J. (head), Mary (wife), Kierin J., Tessie M., Agnes T., and Elizabeth V. 57 persons, 13 families lived at 186 15th Street. All tenants except the live-in landlord William. One of the tenants appears to be William's son George who married Mary and had a son William A. Kennedy. Another Kennedy, Thomas (27) and wife Bridget (27) live here but no relationship with William is known.

1910 Census: Living at 610 Grove, Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. Wife Mary and eldest son Martin B. living with him.

Obituary: 1917 - Last residence 186 15th Street (corner of 15th and Grove), Jersey City, NJ. Died from blood poisoning after paring a bunion off his left foot. He refused treatment for the infection. 78 at death, immigrated in 1848 with parents. (Contradicts 1900 Census which says 1852) At time of death, 4 of 13 children were surviving. Martin B., George P., Elizabeth V., and Agnes as well as 17 grand children.

Death Certificate: DOD 22 Feb 1917

Age: Verify- 1920-78@death=1842....................1842+9@immigration=1851
16 July 1860: 20=1840
16 June 1880 Census: 39=1841
4 June 1900 Census: 60=1840

He died from blood poisoning brought on by infection from cutting off a bunion from his left foot.
Kennedy, William Joseph (I9056)
2785 William Kennedy and Mary Patterson had 13 children, 6 still living in 1910; 13 children, 4 surviving in 1920. Family F3577
2786 William Kinkle Boyd died of disease contracted in the army. Boyd, William Kinkle (I18927)
2787 William L. Breckinridge was President of Danville College in Kentucky. He was pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Louisville. Breckinridge, Rev. William Lewis (I560)
2788 William L. Marshall was a lawyer from Baltimore. Marshall, William L. (I991)
2789 William La Trobe was always called 'Son'. He went to sea on oil tankers. He joined the army and spent six years in India. He also was a lamp lighter and sand caster. La Trobe, William Henry (I6279)
2790 William Lewis and Mary Hipkins had 7 children. Family F9111
2791 William Lewis was originally buried in the family cemetery at Fairfield Plantation, located between Lewis St. and Fairfield Ave. in south Nashville, TN. He was reinterred at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, TN, in 1890 along with 5 others. The family cemetery no longer exists and the remaining graves have been lost. Lewis, William Terrell Jr. (I24240)
2792 William M. Claiborne was a private and first sergeant of companies B and D, 6th Georgia Cavalry, C.S.A. Claiborne, William M. (I18747)
2793 William married his step-sister Frances. In order to avoid foreclosure of his property in Dinwiddie Co., VA he murdered the bond holder Francis Adolphus Muir on 2 Feb 1846 and hid the body. When the body was discovered in July 1846 he fled to Texas and was eventually captured in Nashville, TX in Feb 1848. He was returned to Dinwiddie Co., VA where he was convicted and hanged. Epes, William Dandridge (I16758)
2794 William may have died of cholera, 29 Aug 1849. Rainey, William Thomas (I8632)
2795 William Munford attended the Univ. of Virginia, 1847-49, and joined the Richmond Light Infantry Blues in 1850. He was captain of the Eagle Infantry, 1st Virginia Regiment, 1855, was captain and adjutant of the regiment, 1856-60, and was appointed major 18 Sep 1860. He entered state service with the regiment 21 Apr 1861 and was commissioned major of volunteers 17 May 1861. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 17th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A., 13 Jun 1861, and served in the 24th Virginia Infantry until sent to Canada by the Governor of Virginia in early 1862. He entered the Otey Battery of Artillery at Richmond, VA, 8 Apr 1864, and served until taking the oath of allegiance at Augusta, GA, 20 May 1865. He was ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church, 25 Mar 1871, and served in parishes in Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN, and New Orleans, LA. Munford, Rev. William (I20834)
2796 William N. Gregory was a law student at the College of William and Mary, 1835-37, and at the Univ. of Virginia, 1837-38. Gregory, William N. (I7761)
2797 William Olmstead Eareckson left St. John's College at age 17 and enlisted in the Infantry in WWI. Olmstead graduated from West Point in 1924 and was married that day or the day after. Kathryn Knedler's sister, Elizabeth (age 13), was a bridesmaid. Blackjack Pershing spoke at the graduation ceremony. He served from 3 Feb 1918 to 30 Jun 1954 in the Army Air Service, Army Air Corps, and the U.S. Air Force. He served in France 1918-19, Hawaii 1931-34, Alaska 41-43, and the Asiatic Pacific 1943-44. He retired as a colonel. Eareckson, Col. William Olmstead (I7215)
2798 William Osborne Goode II was an officer in the Confederate Army and was killed in battle. Goode, William Osborne II (I22104)
2799 William Osborne Goode was a student at the College of William and Mary, 1817-19, and began practicing law in 1821. He was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, 1822-23, 1824-33, 1839-41, 1845-47, and 1852-53, and served as Speaker of the House in 1845 and 1846. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1841-43 and 1853-59. Goode, William Osborne (I8125)
2800 William Overton Winston resided at "Courtland" in Hanover Co., VA. He was clerk of Hanover Co., 1853-62, and colonel of the Home Guard of Hanover Co. in Apr 1861. Winston, William Overton (I20229)

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