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51 Alexander Hamilton Sands, Jr. was a member of the Richmond Blues Light Infantry, Company M, 4th Regiment, during the Spanish American War. Sands, Alexander Hamilton Jr. (I20533)
52 Alexander Hamilton Vinton, first Bishop of Western Massachusetts and 206th in sucession in the American episcopate, was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 30, 1852; son of David Hammond Vinton (U.S.A.) and Eliza A. (Arnold) Vinton; grandson of David and Mary (Atwell) Vinton and Dan H. Arnold and Harriet M. (Welles) Arnold and a descendant of David Vinton. He prepared for college at private and public schools of New York City; was graduated at St. Stephen's college, Annandale, N.Y. with prizes in ethics, metaphysics and logic, A.B. 1873 and from the General Theological seminary, B.D., 1876. He studied at Leipzig unniversity, 1876-77; was ordained to the diaconate on the Protestant Episcopal church, July 11, 1877, at Stamford, Connecticut; to the priesthood, September 29, 1878; was rector of Holy Communion, Norwood, New Jersey, 1877-78; of Memorial church Holy Comforter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1879-84; All Saints, Worcestor, Massachusetts, 1884-1902; and in 1902 was elected bishop of the newly organized diocese of Western Massachusetts. He was consecrated at All Saints' church, Worcester, April 22, 1902, by Bishops Davies, Huntington and Brewster, assisted by Bishop Codman, Niles, Potter, Lawrence, Hall and Burgess and the Bishop of Nova Scotia. He received the degree of D.D. in 1890 and LL.D. in 1902 from St. Stephen's College.  Vinton, Rev. Alexander Hamilton (I4069)
53 Alexander McKim died from pneumonia at his residence on St. Paul Street. McKim, Alexander (I145)
54 Alfred G. Harms' parents were both born in Germany according to the 1910 Census. Harms, Alfred G. (I23359)
55 Alfred Shelby inherited "Traveller's Rest" and died as the result of a hunting accident. Shelby, Alfred (I1079)
56 Algernon and John were twins. Lewis, Algernon Sidney (I16454)
57 Alice Claiborne on US census:
1850 age 8
1860 age 19
1870 age 25 
Claiborne, Alice (I22764)
58 Allen Trimble was the 8th and 10th Governor of Ohio (1822 and 1828). Trimble, Gov. Allen (I19397)
59 Alonzo Lewis Tucker died in infancy. Tucker, Alonzo Lewis (I22416)
60 Alpheus Claiborne on US census:
1850 age 6
1860 age 17
1870 age 24 
Claiborne, Alpheus (I22765)
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Prowse, A.H. (I1589)
62 Although FOX has a very British sound, in the book "Romance of Your Name", Ellis indicates it is derived from VAUX, the French plural equivalent to valley or dale. It is supposed that the first persons to use VAUX as a surname were valley dwellers. The FOX line has been traced to Henry Fox, born ca 1521 and married ca 1544 to Miss Hawes of Missenden. Fox, Henry (I6756)
63 Although her family remained Protestant, she was christened by a Catholic priest, Abbot Maignes. Latrobe, Jeanne-Marie (I6591)
64 Although there is no document stating her death, we assume it occurred about 1690 or 1691 since on 28 Feb 1692, in front of Me Labrune notary of Monbéqui, a sharing of inheritance took place between her four daughters still alive and her grandson representing her fifth daughter deceased. Rey, Jeanne (I9598)
65 Although we have no precise information, we deduce that Jean and Blaize were divorced some years after the birth of their daughter, Marie, and that his brother, Isaac, married his ex-wife. Family F2361
66 Amanda and James were twins. Tomlinson, Amanda (I19026)
67 Ambrose Lipscomb was a justice, vestryman of St. Paul's Parish, captain of Hanover Co., VA, militia during the Revolutionary War, and inspector of tobacco at Page's Warehouse. Lipscomb, Capt. Ambrose (I16214)
68 Amelia Turner died of sudden heart failure while visiting her nephew, John Croft, according to her death certificate. Turner, Amelia A. (I23624)
69 American Battle Monuments Commission, World War I Listing; World War II Listing; Korean War Listing, : American Battle Monuments Commission Source (S212)
70 Anastasia Claiborne was buried in Nashville City Cem and later moved to Mount Olivet. Claiborne, Anastasia (I22736)
71 Andrew Elliot was the 3rd son of Sir Gilbert Elliot, Lord Justice of Scotland. Elliot, Andrew (I22832)
72 Andrew Purviance Hazlehurst graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1795 and established a mercantile house in Baltimore with his brother, Isaac, in partnership with their father's Philadelphia firm. Hazlehurst, Andrew Purviance (I2383)
73 Andrew Purviance moved to Illinois in 1853 and to Nebraska in 1879, making him one of the older settlers of the county. Purviance, Andrew (I12083)
74 Andrew was appointed by the U.S. government to settle the accounts of the United States with the State of Virginia. On 18 Mar 1785 he took the oaths as Commissioner of Military Claims and on 11 Jan 1787 was elected by the General Assembly to adjust the claims of Virginia against the United States. He was mayor of Richmond in 1795; was captain of a company of artillery in 1796; was one of the original incorporators of the Mutual Assurance Company of Virginia; and erected Goodall's Tavern (the Indian Queen) in Richmond. Dunscomb, Andrew (I17179)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Randolph, A.M. (I17424)
76 Ann Aileen Latrobe is listed as age 4 on the 1920 Census and 15 on the 1930 Census. Latrobe, Ann Aileen (I3412)
77 Ann Claiborne Thompson died young. Thompson, Ann Claiborne (I16200)
78 Ann Fox Thompson died young. Thompson, Ann Fox (I16199)
79 Ann Nancy Berry was the second wife of J. Luckett Simms and died without issue. Berry, Ann Nancy (I24421)
80 Ann Osborne Willson died young. Willson, Ann Osborne (I18058)
81 Ann Rowan was the niece of the wife of Charles Penrose's uncle, Jonathan Penrose. Family F796
82 Ann St. Clair Harrington's real name was supposedly Goldy Harriger and she came from the coal country of Pennsylvania. She moved to Lexington and reinvented herself as Ann St. Clair. Harrington, Ann St. Clair (I24243)
83 Ann Trent died young. Trent, Ann (I18316)
84 Ann was the widow of Philip Power when she married Alfred. Magiona, Ann Eliza (I16449)
85 Anna "Sophy" Preston died of a "terrible infection" just three short months after giving birth to her last child Charles Henry Breckinridge. Preston, Anna Sophonisba (I731)
86 Anna and Mary were twins. Thompson, Anna Rebecca (I15905)
87 Anna C. Pickett may have been born in Oct 1836 according to the 1900 Census, however, this seems too early by 10 years. Only 3 of her 6 children were still alive in 1900. Pickett, Anna C. (I7862)
88 Anna Nelson Shelby was the granddaughter of Maj.Gen. Isaac Shelby, Kentucky's 1st and 5th Governor. Shelby, Anna Nelson (I19190)
89 Anna Sproule Purviance's gravestone states she was age 71 (or 76)y 7m 29d (questionable engraving). Sproule, Anna (I10926)
90 Anne Aileen Ford is listed on the 1900 census with a birth year of 1889. On the 1920 census she is listed as age 28. In 1930 she is listed as being 41. Ford, Anne Aileen (I3305)
91 Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous queens in English history, though she ruled for just three years. The daughter of an ambitious knight and niece of the duke of Norfolk, Anne spent her adolescence in France. When she returned to England, her wit and style were her greatest charms. She had a circle of admirers and became secretly engaged to Henry Percy. She also entered the service of Katharine of Aragon. But she soon caught the eye of Henry VIII. He ordered Percy from court and tried to make Anne his mistress. She refused. Her sister, Mary, had been the king's mistress and gained little from it but scandal. Her hopes with Percy dashed, Anne demanded that the king marry her. She waited nearly seven years for Henry to obtain an annulment. It finally took an irrevocable breach with the Holy See before they wed in 1533. But she was unable to give Henry the son he desperately needed and their marriage ended tragically for Anne. She was executed on patently false charges of witchcraft, incest and adultery on 19 May 1536. Her daughter, Elizabeth, would become England's greatest queen. Boleyn, Queen Anne (I8937)
92 Anne Cassin's brother, Simon, wrote a will as he was going to war as part of the Legion of Gers. He bequeathed all his possessions to his niece, Marie, born in 1812. It was at the time when the Napoleonic Wars were near an end, but he feared the worst. One year later in October 1814, he survived as he sold a house which he owned together with his sister, Anne Cassin, married to Joseph Latrobe. Cassin, Anne (I9358)
93 Anne Elizabeth Watson died after a stillbirth "of much sorrow." Watson, Anne Elizabeth (I1029)
94 Anne Leatherbury Woolsey is buried at the White House, White House Beach in Long Neck, Delaware, in the ballast stone graveyard. Leatherbury, Anne (I23138)
95 Anne Mariette was buried in the garden of their property. The record of her death came from Jean-Joachim Latrobe's, "Livre de Famille." Mariette, Anne (I1316)
96 Anne was born at "Red Oak" on the line between Campbell and Buckingham counties. Bolling, Anne Everard (I17202)
97 Anne's name may have been Anne Percy, daughter of George Percy. Claiborne, Anne (I1898)
98 Anthoine Andrieu and Julhiane Latrobe both together sold a piece of land in Monbéqui, according to #33 (1553). In so doing they must have been co-owners, and this means that Anthoine Andrieu must be a Latrobe descendant, and, in addition, this particular piece of land is located in the soil of La Rogeyrie (or Al Rogieras in Occitan language, see #36a) and contiguous to a piece of land owned by another Latrobe. The simplest assumption is that Anthoine Andrieu is the son of Guillaume Andrieu, brother-in-law of Anthoine Latrobe Senior.

The archives show many relationships between the Andrieu family and the Latrobe family, especially the Pierre Latrobe branch. Jehan Andrieu, Pierre Andrieu and Bertrand or Bernard Andrieu mentioned in #43 (1559) and #48 (1562) might well be cousins of Pierre Latrobe Garguy and of his brothers, as descendants of Guillaume Andrieu and Unknown C Latrobe. 
Andrieu, Anthoine (I8759)
99 Anthoine Cade was the oldest son of Fabia Cade. Cade, Anthoine (I4048)
100 Anthoine Latrobe (Myssole) was a grandson of Jehan Latrobe of the "Anthoine" branch.
During his lifetime Anthoine (Myssole) lived in Monbéqui where he was a farmer. He signed a will on 19 August 1552 in Monbéqui.30 In his will he requested "to be buried within the parish Church of Monbéqui after celebration of a singing mass gathering eleven priests of Monbéqui and surrounding villages", which means that he totally disagreed with the new ideas of Reformation, and he wanted to stay as a Catholic. He named his son, Anthoine (young), as his universal and general heir. He added a codicil to his will on 26 December 1552. Nevertheless he survived since he witnessed a notarial deed in August 1558 (see #40b). But he died before November 7th of the same year (see #41). Note that when he wrote his will, the Reformation had not yet reached the Montauban area.

[Latrobe Archives #32 (1552); Arch. Dept. de T&G; 5 E 2557, f° J. Delatrobe, notaire Montbartier; E-4/1, S-2/2 AR-6/1 & AZ-1/1]
In the year 1552 and on the 19th August, Will In the place of Montbéquin and house of Anthoyne LATROBE alias Myssolle of the diocese of Montauban, …personally constituted said Anthoyne LATROBE alias Myssolle, farmer, which one being in a bed in the living room of the house, oppressed by some disability of his body, …, made his will … He desires to be buried in « parish church of Monbéquin » and « that eleven priests from Montbéquin and other surrounding places be summoned and convoked to celebrate a singing mass; he wanted and wants Astrugue MOLYNIERE, his wife, (thirty) nine days after his death, to go and offer in the said church of said Monbequin, an offertory of bred, wine, …».». With his wife Astrugue MOLYNIERE he has had: Béatrix - Jehanne, minors - Anthoyne, young, his legitimate and natural son, whom he constitutes as his universal and general heir. He gives as legal guardians to his daughters “because they are unable to govern themselves and to manage their own goods, Me Pierre LYNAS, couturier and Pierre FAURE called Peyrusse. He made a codicil on 26 December 1552 that makes clear, about his succession: “In case his son general heir would die without heir, his inheritage would belong by full hereditary right to his closer relative”.. 
Latrobe, Anthoine (I5542)

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