Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Tree: mytree
County/Shire : Latitude: 39.4424, Longitude: -76.6169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chew, Anne Wynne  1704Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6856 mytree 
2 Gillett, Charles Berkley  1894Baltimore, Maryland, USA I24060 mytree 
3 Hazlehurst, Samuel  2 Sep 1815Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10635 mytree 
4 Latrobe, A.J.   I1943 mytree 
5 Latrobe, A.E.   I1932 mytree 
6 Latrobe, B.H.   I6052 mytree 
7 Randall, Christopher  1652Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23110 mytree 
8 Rich, Virginia Wiltbank  4 Jul 1875Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6467 mytree 
9 Swann, Thomas Jr.  9 Apr 1835Baltimore, Maryland, USA I1383 mytree 
10 Wilson, Priscilla  29 Oct 1749Baltimore, Maryland, USA I13610 mytree 
11 Worthington, Charles Jr.  6 Jul 1736Baltimore, Maryland, USA I13625 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Finnall, William  Baltimore, Maryland, USA I24123 mytree 
2 Fuller, William  1812Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23150 mytree 
3 Leigh, Frances Land  13 Jun 1891Baltimore, Maryland, USA I5422 mytree 
4 Newman, Johanna  7 Jun 1710Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23111 mytree 
5 Randall, Christopher  24 Feb 1684Baltimore, Maryland, USA I23110 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hazlehurst, Samuel  22 Mar 1815Baltimore, Maryland, USA I10635 mytree 
2 Latrobe, A.E.   I1932 mytree 
3 Latrobe, J.H.B. Jr.   I6073 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, John  1900Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7065 mytree 
2 Cook, Joseph McCoy  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6829 mytree 
3 Crozer, Emma Snodgrass  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I210 mytree 
4 Eareckson, Frederick Leif  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I2484 mytree 
5 Eareckson, John Elliott  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7087 mytree 
6 Eareckson, Maria Louisa  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7088 mytree 
7 Eareckson, Mary  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7059 mytree 
8 Eareckson, Thomas Winchester  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7086 mytree 
9 Gibson, Catherine  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9245 mytree 
10 Gibson, Julia Anne  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7085 mytree 
11 Gibson, Sarah  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9243 mytree 
12 Gibson, William  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9244 mytree 
13 Grace, Charles Henry  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I7159 mytree 
14 Latrobe, Agnes Catherine  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6335 mytree 
15 Latrobe, Charles Hazlehurst II  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I222 mytree 
16 Latrobe, Gamble Jr.  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I233 mytree 
17 Latrobe, Gamble  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I134 mytree 
18 Latrobe, J.H.B.   I5186 mytree 
19 Latrobe, J.H.B. Jr.   I6073 mytree 
20 Turner, Isabelle  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6830 mytree 
21 Weston, Benjamin Latrobe  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6435 mytree 
22 Weston, Cornelius  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6424 mytree 
23 Weston, Henry Bancroft  1910Baltimore, Maryland, USA I6445 mytree 
24 White, Charles  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9248 mytree 
25 White, George W.  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9250 mytree 
26 White, Georgie  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9249 mytree 
27 White, Harry  1880Baltimore, Maryland, USA I9247 mytree 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Courtenay / Purviance  20 Feb 1811Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2539 mytree 
2 Eareckson / Cook  24 Dec 1816Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2838 mytree 
3 Frost / Brown  17 Mar 1831Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4941 mytree 
4 Goodhand / Sturgis  31 Oct 1832Baltimore, Maryland, USA F8845 mytree 
5 Gorman / Jennings  15 Dec 1846Baltimore, Maryland, USA F8910 mytree 
6 Hazlehurst / Bilson  20 Feb 1840Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4080 mytree 
7 Hazlehurst / Purviance  2 Jan 1805Baltimore, Maryland, USA F1140 mytree 
8 Holland / Fuller  26 Sep 1818Baltimore, Maryland, USA F676 mytree 
9 Jennings / Dowdle  20 Dec 1820Baltimore, Maryland, USA F7191 mytree 
10 Purviance / Beatty  23 Oct 1834Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2267 mytree 
11 Purviance / Dugan  3 Jan 1797Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2262 mytree 
12 Purviance / Young  23 Nov 1797Baltimore, Maryland, USA F2249 mytree 
13 Ross / Hazlehurst  14 Oct 1845Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4079 mytree 
14 Worthington / Hammond  8 Jan 1713Baltimore, Maryland, USA F4961 mytree 
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