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Brunswick, Virginia, USA: JHBL Genealogy

Brunswick, Virginia, USA


Tree: mytree
County/Shire : Latitude: 36.7645, Longitude: -77.8587


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butts, Daniel Gregory Claiborne  10 Oct 1848Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8207 mytree 
2 Chambliss, Thomas E.  Abt 1828Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18207 mytree 
3 Claiborne, Alexander Herbert Ravenscroft  1810Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8365 mytree 
4 Claiborne, Anna Maria  22 Dec 1822Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7796 mytree 
5 Claiborne, Devereux Jarratt  7 Jul 1785Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8341 mytree 
6 Claiborne, George Ravenscroft  10 Jul 1782Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8342 mytree 
7 Claiborne, George Ravenscroft Jr.  1812Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8368 mytree 
8 Claiborne, Gregory Weldon  28 Mar 1837Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22365 mytree 
9 Claiborne, Harriet Adeline  Mar 1821Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8362 mytree 
10 Claiborne, Henry Laurens  1819Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8355 mytree 
11 Claiborne, James  17 Aug 1775Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18535 mytree 
12 Claiborne, John  26 Jan 1778Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8340 mytree 
13 Claiborne, John Herbert  16 Mar 1828Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7797 mytree 
14 Claiborne, Martha Ravenscroft  18 Mar 1809Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8369 mytree 
15 Claiborne, Mary Clayton  1819Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8361 mytree 
16 Claiborne, Nancy S.  1777Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18622 mytree 
17 Claiborne, Philip  16 Jul 1773Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8338 mytree 
18 Claiborne, Thomas B. II  17 May 1780Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8339 mytree 
19 Claiborne, Thomas Burnell  9 Nov 1804Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8364 mytree 
20 Edmunds, Thomas  1750Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18567 mytree 
21 Goodrich, Benjamin Briggs  Between 1771 and 1781Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18623 mytree 
22 Goodrum, John Jackson  25 May 1794Brunswick, Virginia, USA I10863 mytree 
23 Hicks, David Stone  11 May 1826Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22407 mytree 
24 Jones, Margaret  1729Brunswick, Virginia, USA I16172 mytree 
25 Lewis, John Herbert Claiborne  11 Jan 1817Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22360 mytree 
26 Lewis, Laura Elizabeth  22 Aug 1840Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22404 mytree 
27 Lewis, Martha Eleanor  23 Nov 1842Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22406 mytree 
28 Lewis, Nicholas Edmunds  24 Nov 1838Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22403 mytree 
29 Lewis, Norborne Clack  21 Sep 1846Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22410 mytree 
30 Rawlings, Murtis Ann  22 Apr 1849Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22411 mytree 
31 Robertson, James  28 Jun 1742Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21137 mytree 
32 Stith, Lavinia  Abt 1810Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22396 mytree 
33 Stith, Putnam  1804Brunswick, Virginia, USA I16797 mytree 
34 Stith, Sarah Washington  1 Jun 1799Brunswick, Virginia, USA I16720 mytree 
35 Stokes, Susannah  1759Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18620 mytree 
36 Turnbull, Virginia C.  Feb 1842Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8477 mytree 
37 Walker, Sallie Ann  10 Apr 1808Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18571 mytree 
38 Wilkins, Imogene Elizabeth  Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22356 mytree 
39 Wilkins, Richard Augustine  15 May 1815Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7800 mytree 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clack, James  1757Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18302 mytree 
2 Claiborne, Devereux Jarratt  18 Oct 1871Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8341 mytree 
3 Claiborne, Devereux Jarratt  12 May 1872Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8229 mytree 
4 Claiborne, George  3 Apr 1880Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8231 mytree 
5 Claiborne, Gregory Weldon  25 Jan 1866Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22365 mytree 
6 Claiborne, Harriet Adeline  8 Jun 1844Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8362 mytree 
7 Claiborne, James Burnell  12 Feb 1842Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18539 mytree 
8 Claiborne, John  9 Oct 1808Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8340 mytree 
9 Claiborne, Martha J.  8 Aug 1860Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22398 mytree 
10 Claiborne, Nancy S.  Aft 1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18622 mytree 
11 Clayton, Mary  4 Jun 1802Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8337 mytree 
12 Edmunds, Harriett  1824Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8360 mytree 
13 Edmunds, Thomas  Nov 1825Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18567 mytree 
14 Eldridge, Sarah  1836Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18568 mytree 
15 Epes, Martha Ann  31 Jul 1869Brunswick, Virginia, USA I16833 mytree 
16 Goodrich, George C.  8 Jun 1885Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18648 mytree 
17 Greene, Mark  6 Jul 1823Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18634 mytree 
18 Hicks, David Stone  20 Jan 1915Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22407 mytree 
19 Jones, Francis Fitzgerald  2 Jul 1865Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18216 mytree 
20 Lewis, John Herbert Claiborne  14 May 1892Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22360 mytree 
21 Lewis, Martha Eleanor  30 Jul 1913Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22406 mytree 
22 Lewis, Nicholas Edmunds  10 Aug 1855Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22403 mytree 
23 Lewis, Norborne Clack  3 Mar 1905Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22410 mytree 
24 Lundy, Fannie J.  27 Jun 1875Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21689 mytree 
25 Rawlings, Murtis Ann  21 Jul 1912Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22411 mytree 
26 Robinson, Rowena Thrower  5 Jul 1907Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22361 mytree 
27 Sterling, Mary  1763Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18303 mytree 
28 Thweatt, Sarah Green II  31 Aug 1854Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18217 mytree 
29 Walker, Sallie Ann  29 Apr 1889Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18571 mytree 
30 Walton, Richard Henry Hill  28 Jan 1858Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18641 mytree 
31 Weldon, Mary Elizabeth  17 Feb 1857Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7794 mytree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claiborne, Lucy Sims  1844Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8346 mytree 
2 Gunn, Elizabeth  1845Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18536 mytree 
3 Jones, Francis Fitzgerald  1865Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18216 mytree 
4 Lewis, Nicholas Edmund  1821Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7801 mytree 
5 Thweatt, Sarah Green II  1854Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18217 mytree 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butts, Augustine Claiborne  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8206 mytree 
2 Butts, Daniel Gregory Claiborne  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8207 mytree 
3 Butts, Emma Cadwallader  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21693 mytree 
4 Butts, Josephine Martha Stewart  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21749 mytree 
5 Claiborne, Anna Maria  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7796 mytree 
6 Claiborne, Devereux Jarratt  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I8341 mytree 
7 Claiborne, Gregory Weldon  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I22365 mytree 
8 Claiborne, John Gregory  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7791 mytree 
9 Claiborne, John Herbert  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7797 mytree 
10 Claiborne, Josephine  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I23306 mytree 
11 Harwell, James Daniel  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21773 mytree 
12 Harwell, William Thomas  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I21772 mytree 
13 Walker, Sallie Ann  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I18571 mytree 
14 Weldon, Mary Elizabeth  1850Brunswick, Virginia, USA I7794 mytree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Butts / Lundy  1 Dec 1864Brunswick, Virginia, USA F8083 mytree 
2 Claiborne / Claiborne  27 Dec 1859Brunswick, Virginia, USA F3128 mytree 
3 Goodrich / Claiborne  27 Nov 1799Brunswick, Virginia, USA F6787 mytree 
4 Greene / Peebles  18 Dec 1828Brunswick, Virginia, USA F6807 mytree 
5 Hicks / Lewis  12 Jun 1862Brunswick, Virginia, USA F8525 mytree 
6 Johnson / Greenhill  8 Nov 1808Brunswick, Virginia, USA F5985 mytree 
7 Willson / Gilliam  25 Aug 1823Brunswick, Virginia, USA F6572 mytree 
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