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Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA: JHBL Genealogy

Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA


Tree: mytree
County/Shire : Latitude: 35.3877, Longitude: -80.5506


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carruthers, Esther  1748Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10375 mytree 
2 Carruthers, Sarah Purviance  1761Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10377 mytree 
3 Hartsell, James M.  27 May 1832Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24554 mytree 
4 Irwin, Alexander B.  7 Feb 1814Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11520 mytree 
5 Irwin, Mary Ann  10 Jan 1805Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11369 mytree 
6 Irwin, Robert  1762Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11316 mytree 
7 Irwin, Robert Simpson  14 Nov 1813Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11317 mytree 
8 Irwin, Samuel Linney  6 Jun 1779Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11388 mytree 
9 Irwin, Samuel Lynn  Abt 1779Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10725 mytree 
10 Irwin, William Charles  7 Feb 1809Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11376 mytree 
11 Irwin, William F.  31 Mar 1789Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11315 mytree 
12 Mackey, Jane  1768Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10856 mytree 
13 McKinley, Elizabeth Isabella  20 Dec 1784Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10764 mytree 
14 Plunkett, Elizabeth Mathilda  20 May 1814Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11298 mytree 
15 Plunkett, Nancy  15 Jun 1806Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11295 mytree 
16 Purviance, C. C.  31 Jul 1853Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I13050 mytree 
17 Purviance, David III  3 May 1769Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10454 mytree 
18 Purviance, David  31 Jul 1784Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10742 mytree 
19 Purviance, David Carson  24 Dec 1808Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10766 mytree 
20 Purviance, David Harvey  12 Jul 1839Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11637 mytree 
21 Purviance, Elam C.  1849Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24551 mytree 
22 Purviance, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1807Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11633 mytree 
23 Purviance, Isabella  18 Nov 1844Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I20042 mytree 
24 Purviance, Martha E.  1835Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24294 mytree 
25 Purviance, Martha Matilda  1811Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10767 mytree 
26 Purviance, Mary I.  1837Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24553 mytree 
27 Purviance, Sarah  12 Dec 1808Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24100 mytree 
28 Purviance, Sarah A.  1832Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24552 mytree 
29 Purviance, Susan Deborah  15 Feb 1812Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11635 mytree 
30 Purviance, William  Abt 1770Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10458 mytree 
31 Purviance, William A.  6 Dec 1841Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11638 mytree 
32 Purvines, Alexander Caldwell  16 Mar 1794Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10730 mytree 
33 Purvines, David Simpson  18 May 1787Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10728 mytree 
34 Purvines, Elizabeth Sellars  27 Nov 1805Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10738 mytree 
35 Purvines, James  12 Oct 1799Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10733 mytree 
36 Purvines, James Snodgrass  18 Dec 1805Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11358 mytree 
37 Purvines, John Graham  8 Jul 1796Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10731 mytree 
38 Purvines, Margaret J.  1791Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10729 mytree 
39 Purvines, Mathilda  13 Sep 1789Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10724 mytree 
40 Purvines, Nancy  Abt 1803Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10736 mytree 
41 Purvines, Nancy Matilda  3 May 1816Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11308 mytree 
42 Purvines, Samuel H.  31 Jul 1802Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10735 mytree 
43 Weddington, Elizabeth H.  25 Dec 1790Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11306 mytree 
44 Weddington, Elizabeth Hale  1812Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11636 mytree 
45 Weddington, Margaret  1797Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11326 mytree 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carruthers, Sarah Purviance  1 Mar 1781Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10377 mytree 
2 Irwin, Robert  1806Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11316 mytree 
3 Irwin, Samuel  Bef 1783Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I13078 mytree 
4 Litaker, John Wilson  17 Jul 1864Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10746 mytree 
5 McKinley, Elizabeth Isabella  20 Apr 1860Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10764 mytree 
6 Purviance, C. C.  9 Jan 1862Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I13050 mytree 
7 Purviance, David Jr.  Aft 1797Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10369 mytree 
8 Purviance, David III  2 Oct 1839Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10454 mytree 
9 Purviance, David Carson  12 Mar 1870Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10766 mytree 
10 Purviance, Harriet Caroline  18 Nov 1892Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10745 mytree 
11 Purviance, James  1810Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10449 mytree 
12 Purviance, Martha E.  10 Oct 1855Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24294 mytree 
13 Ross, Francis  19 Apr 1824Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10376 mytree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ferguson, Nancy  1796Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10721 mytree 
2 McKinley, Elizabeth Isabella  1860Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10764 mytree 
3 Purviance, David III  1839Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10454 mytree 
4 Purviance, Isabella  1849Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I20042 mytree 
5 Purviance, James Mcintyre  1853Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10769 mytree 
6 Purvines, Mathilda  1863Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10724 mytree 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 McKinley, Elizabeth Isabella  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10764 mytree 
2 Purviance, David Carson  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10766 mytree 
3 Purviance, David Hampton  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11640 mytree 
4 Purviance, David Harvey  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11637 mytree 
5 Purviance, Elam C.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24551 mytree 
6 Purviance, Isabella  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I20042 mytree 
7 Purviance, Isabella M.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11646 mytree 
8 Purviance, Isabella M.  1870Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11646 mytree 
9 Purviance, James Mcintyre  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10769 mytree 
10 Purviance, James Thomas  1870Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11642 mytree 
11 Purviance, John William  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11641 mytree 
12 Purviance, Martha B.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11644 mytree 
13 Purviance, Martha E.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24294 mytree 
14 Purviance, Martha Matilda  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I10767 mytree 
15 Purviance, Mary I.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24553 mytree 
16 Purviance, Sarah A.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I24552 mytree 
17 Purviance, Sarah H.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11643 mytree 
18 Purviance, Sarah H.  1870Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11643 mytree 
19 Purviance, William A.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11638 mytree 
20 Rogers, Isabella W.  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11639 mytree 
21 Rogers, Isabella W.  1870Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11639 mytree 
22 Weddington, Elizabeth Hale  1850Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA I11636 mytree 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carruthers / Irwin  5 Sep 1796Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4014 mytree 
2 Carruthers / Stewart  20 May 1794Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4015 mytree 
3 Faggert / Purviance  12 Feb 1828Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4145 mytree 
4 Hartsell / Purviance  13 Jan 1852Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F9241 mytree 
5 Holbrooks / Purviance  27 Jan 1841Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4144 mytree 
6 Irwin / Purvines  2 Mar 1801Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4130 mytree 
7 Irwin / Purvines  28 Sep 1811Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4134 mytree 
8 Litaker / Purviance  8 Feb 1846Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4143 mytree 
9 Plunkett / Purvines  19 Feb 1804Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4132 mytree 
10 Purviance / McKinley  16 Aug 1806Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F3993 mytree 
11 Purviance / Penning  17 Nov 1852Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4149 mytree 
12 Purvines / Ferguson  10 Jul 1783Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F3987 mytree 
13 Purvines / Lisenby  27 Dec 1798Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F3988 mytree 
14 Purvines / Weddington  18 Oct 1809Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4133 mytree 
15 Purvines / Weddington  29 Aug 1817Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4135 mytree 
16 Scott / Purviance  25 Jul 1819Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4148 mytree 
17 Taylor / Purviance  Feb 1842Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4155 mytree 
18 White / Purviance  25 Jan 1826Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA F4147 mytree 
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