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London, England: JHBL Genealogy

London, England


Tree: mytree
City/Town : Latitude: 51.4611, Longitude: -0.0667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beaufort, Eleanor  1431London, England I6670 mytree 
2 Blagden, Maria Eleanor  18 Oct 1782London, England I1743 mytree 
3 Butler, Margaret  1455London, England I7667 mytree 
4 Campbell, Claude Henry  4 Dec 1878London, England I3161 mytree 
5 Carter, Amy Constance  1857London, England I3491 mytree 
6 Castillion, Francis  27 May 1561London, England I2700 mytree 
7 Courthope, George Campion  22 Feb 1811London, England I3298 mytree 
8 Deacon, Anna  Abt 1818London, England I3299 mytree 
9 Dunn, R.C.   I1705 mytree 
10 Finnigan, J.   I6450 mytree 
11 Fox, Henry  1650London, England I3895 mytree 
12 Holiday, J.   I319 mytree 
13 Johnson, Percival Norton  29 Sep 1792London, England I4591 mytree 
14 Jones, R.V.   I6759 mytree 
15 Knight, Clifford Thomas La Trobe  Jul 1903London, England I9743 mytree 
16 Knight, Grace E. La Trobe  10 Feb 1889London, England I9741 mytree 
17 Knight, Kathleen Mary Broughton  13 Apr 1893London, England I9742 mytree 
18 La Trobe, Benjamin  31 May 1839London, England I1856 mytree 
19 La Trobe, Charles Joseph  20 Mar 1801London, England I1371 mytree 
20 La Trobe, Charlotte Louisa  25 Sep 1794London, England I1338 mytree 
21 La Trobe, James  9 Jun 1834London, England I6228 mytree 
22 La Trobe, Mary Louisa Foster  31 May 1839London, England I1865 mytree 
23 La Trobe, Peter  15 Feb 1795London, England I1845 mytree 
24 La Trobe, Samuel Hazard  13 Jan 1836London, England I6229 mytree 
25 La Trobe, Wilfred Ignatius  1865London, England I53 mytree 
26 La Trobe-Bateman, D.M.   I308 mytree 
27 La Trobe-Bateman, Frederic Winfried  1872London, England I228 mytree 
28 La Trobe-Bateman, Jessie Justina  Sep 1849London, England I9761 mytree 
29 La Trobe-Bateman, John Saumarez  26 May 1905London, England I231 mytree 
30 La Trobe-Bateman, R.G.S.   I313 mytree 
31 Latrobe, Henry Sellon Boneval  19 Jul 1792London, England I4410 mytree 
32 Latrobe, Lydia Sellon Boneval  23 Mar 1791London, England I3304 mytree 
33 Lover, Maria  1822London, England I3109 mytree 
34 Michotte, E.E.   I1935 mytree 
35 Michotte, G.I.   I1936 mytree 
36 Schmid, Margaret Jane  21 Jul 1907London, England I307 mytree 
37 Sellon, Benjamin  28 Jul 1818London, England I20295 mytree 
38 Sellon, E.A.   I4795 mytree 
39 Sellon, Edward Arthur  16 Aug 1814London, England I20292 mytree 
40 Sellon, Elizabeth  1750London, England I4563 mytree 
41 Sellon, Fanny Ethel  27 May 1860London, England I4673 mytree 
42 Sellon, Francis  12 Aug 1819London, England I20296 mytree 
43 Sellon, J.R.D.   I4794 mytree 
44 Sellon, John  15 Nov 1812London, England I20291 mytree 
45 Sellon, L.K.   I4796 mytree 
46 Sellon, Lucy Christian  9 Jun 1811London, England I20290 mytree 
47 Sellon, Maria Ann  26 Jun 1817London, England I20294 mytree 
48 Shea-Simonds, G.P.L.T.   I1410 mytree 
49 Smith, Sara Bridget Eliza  1790London, England I4585 mytree 
50 Stone, B.   I321 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Latrobe, John Frederic  12 Jun 1769London, England I6545 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amery, Anna Eleanor  10 Aug 1844London, England I9273 mytree 
2 Amery, John Frederick Foster  Sep 1885London, England I9267 mytree 
3 Ashhurst, Samuel  12 Nov 1901London, England I3290 mytree 
4 Beauchamp, Eleanor  6 Mar 1467London, England I1945 mytree 
5 Beaufort, John  16 Mar 1409London, England I6665 mytree 
6 Butler, Margaret  3 Apr 1537London, England I7667 mytree 
7 Castillion, John Baptist  12 Feb 1598London, England I2712 mytree 
8 Chew, Samuel  20 Feb 1790London, England I13557 mytree 
9 Close, Henry Pelham  24 Dec 1891London, England I3314 mytree 
10 Currie, David  15 Jan 1771London, England I13099 mytree 
11 de Muscearos, Hawise  29 Jun 1375London, England I6715 mytree 
12 Greenwall, Edward Eyre  27 Nov 1938London, England I3465 mytree 
13 Howard, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1538London, England I6732 mytree 
14 Jones, Sophie Lily  19 May 1943London, England I3466 mytree 
15 Knollys, Anne  Aft 30 Aug 1608London, England I6716 mytree 
16 La Trobe, Annie Margaret  7 Nov 1913London, England I6255 mytree 
17 Latrobe, Benjamin  29 Nov 1786London, England I640 mytree 
18 Leatham, Charles Anthony La Trobe  Bef 23 Aug 2001London, England I1514 mytree 
19 Littlehales, Sarah  21 Jul 1801London, England I2491 mytree 
20 Sellon, Lydia  Nov 1793London, England I1105 mytree 
21 Shakespear, Selina Caroline  18 Nov 1919London, England I13114 mytree 
22 Torode, Rebecca  Apr 1982London, England I3408 mytree 
23 West, Benjamin  11 Mar 1820London, England I23003 mytree 
24 Wright, James Latrobe  London, England I2724 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isabella  27 Nov 1358London, England I6683 mytree 
2 Beauchamp, Joan  8 Aug 1430London, England I3901 mytree 
3 Brett, Jeanetta Margaret  25 Oct 1854London, England I49 mytree 
4 Butler, Thomas  1515London, England I7464 mytree 
5 Groome, Samuel  18 Dec 1767London, England I8752 mytree 
6 Hardi, Marguerite  1317London, England I2770 mytree 
7 La Trobe, Benjamin  23 Mar 1841London, England I1856 mytree 
8 Plantagenet, Margaret Marshall  1399London, England I100 mytree 
9 West, Benjamin  1820London, England I23003 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, William Barham  22 Jun 1925London, England I3514 mytree 
2 Unknown, Alice Margaret  22 Jun 1925London, England I23880 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 de La Trobe, Alma  London, England I6492 mytree 
2 Erler, L.L.M.   I168 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coke, William Sacheverell  2 Jul 1897London, England I3431 mytree 
2 La Trobe, Annie Margaret  6 Apr 1914London, England I6255 mytree 
3 La Trobe, Eleanora Sophia  4 Oct 1938London, England I4011 mytree 
4 La Trobe, Frederic  2 Jul 1896London, England I6231 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beaumont / La Trobe-Bateman   F234 mytree 
2 Callen / Torode   F2728 mytree 
3 James / Smyth  24 Jun 1588London, England F2714 mytree 
4 La Trobe / Dolphin   F2639 mytree 
5 La Trobe-Bateman / Schmid  Oct 1935London, England F183 mytree 
6 Latrobe / Syms  1790London, England F517 mytree 
7 Latrobe / Winchester  13 Jul 1871London, England F380 mytree 
8 Sellon / Souter  8 Jan 1859London, England F2060 mytree 
9 Shakespear / Currie  23 Apr 1747London, England F4902 mytree 
10 Stone / Holiday   F241 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Castillion / Compaigne  London, England F1266 mytree 
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