Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA


Tree: mytree
City/Town : Latitude: 35.1495, Longitude: -90.049


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, D.   I2947 mytree 
2 Breckinridge, Mary Carson  17 Feb 1881Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I20031 mytree 
3 Cannon, D.D.   I9254 mytree 
4 Cannon, D.D. Jr.   I9261 mytree 
5 Cannon, Dudley Ragland  18 Apr 1925Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2962 mytree 
6 Cannon, Emily Cleveland  8 Apr 1919Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2959 mytree 
7 Cannon, Joseph Whitley  20 Dec 1926Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I6745 mytree 
8 Cannon, Laura Fitch  23 Sep 1920Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2960 mytree 
9 Cannon, Thomas Watkins  28 Nov 1892Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2958 mytree 
10 Cannon, Thomas Watkins Jr.  4 Jul 1922Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2961 mytree 
11 Casey, J.R.F.   I2946 mytree 
12 Casey, J.W.   I2943 mytree 
13 Casey, K.   I2948 mytree 
14 Casey, W.D. Jr.   I2941 mytree 
15 Dunlap, Susannah Virginia Devereaux  20 Jan 1855Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I9258 mytree 
16 Edmondson, Louise Gift  14 May 1892Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2952 mytree 
17 Evangelisti, M.C.   I2983 mytree 
18 Gent, S.E.   I2979 mytree 
19 Norris, S.C.   I2990 mytree 
20 Peete, A.F.   I2969 mytree 
21 Peete, Edward Oliver  1 Nov 1911Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2936 mytree 
22 Peete, Emily Theodora Cleveland  2 May 1895Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2932 mytree 
23 Peete, J.G.   I2955 mytree 
24 Peete, Joseph Whitley Jr.  25 Jul 1899Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2933 mytree 
25 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt Jr.  28 Jun 1907Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2935 mytree 
26 Peete, Russell Fitch  10 Feb 1892Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2930 mytree 
27 Peete, R.F. Jr.   I2954 mytree 
28 Tickle, N.K.   I9755 mytree 
29 Trezevant, Elizabeth C.  Abt 1837Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I8091 mytree 
30 Turner, C.T.   I2993 mytree 
31 Turner, K.A.   I2989 mytree 
32 Turner, T.H. Jr.   I2988 mytree 
33 Turner, T.H. III   I2991 mytree 
34 Turner, T.A.   I2994 mytree 
35 Wayson, E.K.   I2992 mytree 
36 Wills, C.A.   I2973 mytree 
37 Wills, C.L.   I2984 mytree 
38 Wills, G.L. Jr.   I2972 mytree 
39 Wills, J.R.   I2977 mytree 
40 Wills, J.W.   I6746 mytree 
41 Wills, M.J.   I2971 mytree 
42 Wills, V.L.   I2974 mytree 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butts, Susan Maclin  28 Dec 1918Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I21750 mytree 
2 Cannon, Emily Cleveland  9 Mar 1979Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2959 mytree 
3 Cannon, Henry Etheldred  18 May 1918Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I9257 mytree 
4 Cannon, Thomas Watkins  21 Nov 1979Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2958 mytree 
5 Claiborne, Sydney Reed  18 Nov 1903Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I8383 mytree 
6 Clement, William Haskell  25 Mar 1964Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I23370 mytree 
7 Craighead, David  Jan 1849Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I676 mytree 
8 Dunlap, Susannah Virginia Devereaux  26 Nov 1898Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I9258 mytree 
9 Fitch, Anna Laura Roosevelt  7 Apr 1936Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2925 mytree 
10 Guy, William Wallace  19 Aug 1879Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I21751 mytree 
11 Lipscomb, Caroline W.  1878Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I20470 mytree 
12 Napier, Laura V.  9 Jun 1865Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I21257 mytree 
13 Napier, Mary Wills  4 Mar 1844Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I21247 mytree 
14 Peete, Joseph Whitley  4 Jun 1931Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2927 mytree 
15 Peete, Joseph Whitley Jr.  3 Mar 1958Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2933 mytree 
16 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt Jr.  Mar 1972Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2935 mytree 
17 Randolph, Anna Cowles  Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I21104 mytree 
18 Schuyler, Louis Sanford  17 Sep 1878Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2570 mytree 
19 Smith, John  16 Jun 1851Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I531 mytree 
20 Thompson, William  29 Jul 1863Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I19206 mytree 
21 Trezevant, Lewis Cruger  11 Nov 1844Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I8172 mytree 
22 Vance, William Little  13 Nov 1888Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I19086 mytree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cannon, Emily Cleveland  1979Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2959 mytree 
2 Cannon, Thomas Watkins  1979Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2958 mytree 
3 Schuyler, Louis Sanford  1878Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2570 mytree 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cannon, D.D.   I9254 mytree 
2 Cannon, Dudley Ragland  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2962 mytree 
3 Cannon, Emily Cleveland  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2959 mytree 
4 Cannon, Henry Etheldred  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I9257 mytree 
5 Cannon, Joseph Whitley  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I6745 mytree 
6 Cannon, Laura Fitch  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2960 mytree 
7 Cannon, Thomas Watkins  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2958 mytree 
8 Cannon, Thomas Watkins Jr.  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2961 mytree 
9 Cannon, Thomas Watkins  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2958 mytree 
10 Casey, J.R.F.   I2946 mytree 
11 Casey, W.D. Jr.   I2941 mytree 
12 Casey, William Dermott  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2940 mytree 
13 Casey, W.D. Jr.   I2941 mytree 
14 Fitch, Anna Laura Roosevelt  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2925 mytree 
15 Fitch, Anna Laura Roosevelt  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2925 mytree 
16 Fitch, Anna Laura Roosevelt  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2925 mytree 
17 Harris, Victor Gerald  1935Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I24212 mytree 
18 Kastner, Agnes  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2937 mytree 
19 Oliver, Ida  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2934 mytree 
20 Peete, Emily Theodora Cleveland  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2932 mytree 
21 Peete, Emily Theodora Cleveland  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2932 mytree 
22 Peete, Emily Theodora Cleveland  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2932 mytree 
23 Peete, Iovia Armstrong  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2929 mytree 
24 Peete, Iovia Armstrong  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2929 mytree 
25 Peete, Iovia Armstrong  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2929 mytree 
26 Peete, Joseph Whitley Jr.  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2933 mytree 
27 Peete, Joseph Whitley  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2927 mytree 
28 Peete, Joseph Whitley Jr.  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2933 mytree 
29 Peete, Joseph Whitley  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2927 mytree 
30 Peete, Joseph Whitley  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2927 mytree 
31 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2928 mytree 
32 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt Jr.  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2935 mytree 
33 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2928 mytree 
34 Peete, Latrobe Roosevelt Jr.  1930Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2935 mytree 
35 Peete, Russell Fitch  1900Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2930 mytree 
36 Peete, Russell Fitch  1910Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA I2930 mytree 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cannon / Adair   F3636 mytree 
2 Cannon / Peete  14 Apr 1917Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1374 mytree 
3 Cannon / Tickle   F3639 mytree 
4 Casey / Peete  11 Jul 1908Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1372 mytree 
5 Clement / Claiborne  15 Dec 1874Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F5862 mytree 
6 Fling / Peete   F1385 mytree 
7 Gent / Wills   F1394 mytree 
8 Keim / Trezevant  24 Apr 1855Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F3225 mytree 
9 Peete / Edmondson  8 Sep 1919Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1373 mytree 
10 Peete / Fitch  28 Oct 1880Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1368 mytree 
11 Peete / Kastner  Sep 1925Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1376 mytree 
12 Peete / Oliver  1 Jun 1903Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA F1371 mytree 
13 Peete / Polk   F1375 mytree 
14 Shaw / Wills   F1396 mytree 
15 Turner / Norris   F1398 mytree 
16 Wayson / Turner   F1399 mytree 
17 Wills / Evangelisti   F1395 mytree 
18 Wills / Peete   F1392 mytree 
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