Missouri, USA


Tree: mytree
State/Province : Latitude: 38.2917, Longitude: -91.6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Hugh Claiborne  6 Sep 1875Missouri, USA I20699 mytree 
2 Adams, John Alan Bellingham  7 Feb 1896Missouri, USA I20706 mytree 
3 Adams, Mildred Kyle  20 Oct 1877Missouri, USA I20700 mytree 
4 Anderson, Harry Samuel  1897Missouri, USA I23691 mytree 
5 Billingsley, Mary Crawford  1822Missouri, USA I8413 mytree 
6 Breckinridge, David C.  1859Missouri, USA I1198 mytree 
7 Breckinridge, Elizabeth L. P.  1868Missouri, USA I1201 mytree 
8 Breckinridge, John  1857Missouri, USA I1197 mytree 
9 Breckinridge, Mary C. P.  1855Missouri, USA I1196 mytree 
10 Breckinridge, Virginia Castleman  1853Missouri, USA I1194 mytree 
11 Buchanan, M. Claiborne  Oct 1885Missouri, USA I7686 mytree 
12 Carder, William  15 Dec 1921Missouri, USA I23407 mytree 
13 Chew, Adeline W.  1846Missouri, USA I15489 mytree 
14 Chew, Alice  1860Missouri, USA I15494 mytree 
15 Chew, Henry  1848Missouri, USA I15490 mytree 
16 Chew, John  1858Missouri, USA I15493 mytree 
17 Chew, Virginia  1841Missouri, USA I13831 mytree 
18 Chew, Virginia  1853Missouri, USA I15492 mytree 
19 Claiborne, Ella  1870Missouri, USA I23445 mytree 
20 Claiborne, George  1865Missouri, USA I23444 mytree 
21 Claiborne, Guy  1879Missouri, USA I23447 mytree 
22 Claiborne, J.R. III   I23332 mytree 
23 Claiborne, Maria  4 Sep 1883Missouri, USA I7712 mytree 
24 Claiborne, M.A.   I23331 mytree 
25 Claiborne, Roy  1875Missouri, USA I23446 mytree 
26 Cochran, Ellen Myrtle  17 Jun 1868Missouri, USA I14472 mytree 
27 Coleman, F. Marion  1854Missouri, USA I12779 mytree 
28 Coleman, Viola  Jan 1880Missouri, USA I12780 mytree 
29 Daugherty, Mary E.  1841Missouri, USA I11669 mytree 
30 Davis, Elliot  1858Missouri, USA I12283 mytree 
31 Drewel, Paul George  26 May 1902Missouri, USA I12958 mytree 
32 Durritt, Ella  Jun 1857Missouri, USA I8701 mytree 
33 Eddings, B.A.   I14134 mytree 
34 Eddings, B.E.   I14131 mytree 
35 Eddings, C.J.   I14133 mytree 
36 Eddings, E.   I14132 mytree 
37 Eddings, P.   I14130 mytree 
38 Edmunds, Ethel  Jun 1878Missouri, USA I7632 mytree 
39 Edmunds, Mary  Dec 1879Missouri, USA I7630 mytree 
40 Edmunds, Milva  Sep 1883Missouri, USA I7633 mytree 
41 Garrison, Levi Alexander  6 Oct 1873Missouri, USA I22588 mytree 
42 Hall, Martha E.  1837Missouri, USA I11856 mytree 
43 Hart, Jackson  Oct 1855Missouri, USA I15593 mytree 
44 Hughes, Mary Ann  Abt 1809Missouri, USA I11359 mytree 
45 Latrobe, Mary Steuart  10 Feb 1905Missouri, USA I6580 mytree 
46 Latrobe, William Claiborne  9 Jan 1903Missouri, USA I6582 mytree 
47 Lorts, Eva Irene  1 Aug 1899Missouri, USA I12959 mytree 
48 Lyons, Anna Lee  26 Jan 1893Missouri, USA I24835 mytree 
49 Minnick, Clarence  15 Aug 1895Missouri, USA I22645 mytree 
50 Mitchell, Bessie  Apr 1882Missouri, USA I8703 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eubank, Catherine C.  Abt 1899Missouri, USA I18764 mytree 
2 Hamilton, Mary Jane  1937Missouri, USA I24749 mytree 
3 McBride, Archibald  4 Aug 1857Missouri, USA I14072 mytree 
4 Rigney, Thomas Napier  16 Apr 1924Missouri, USA I21440 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Minnick / Minnick  1927Missouri, USA F8643 mytree 
2 Payne / Hill  16 Jan 1841Missouri, USA F2187 mytree 
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