North Carolina, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, John Ireland  23 Nov 1769North Carolina, USA I10565
2 Campbell, Maxwell  29 Oct 1795North Carolina, USA I11464
3 Claiborne, Charles L.  1846North Carolina, USA I7429
4 Claiborne, Frederica  1838North Carolina, USA I18744
5 Claiborne, Henry  Abt 1787North Carolina, USA I18627
6 Claiborne, John  1844North Carolina, USA I23529
7 Claiborne, John L.  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I18746
8 Claiborne, Louisa  1842North Carolina, USA I23528
9 Claiborne, Lucy  1849North Carolina, USA I23530
10 Claiborne, Mary  Dec 1833North Carolina, USA I18741
11 Claiborne, Philip C.  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I18743
12 Claiborne, Robert T.  1839North Carolina, USA I7428
13 Claiborne, Samuel  1852North Carolina, USA I23531
14 Claiborne, Sarah  1837North Carolina, USA I23527
15 Claiborne, Sarah  1862North Carolina, USA I7433
16 Claiborne, Thomas J.  Abt 1826North Carolina, USA I18652
17 Essary, Lucy  1821North Carolina, USA I7427
18 Ferguson, Mary  1762North Carolina, USA I13077
19 Fitzharris, Catherine Elinor  1829North Carolina, USA I11094
20 Fleming, Ezekial Silas  1789North Carolina, USA I12037
21 Gray, Susanna  North Carolina, USA I695
22 Hamlin, Euphana Wilson  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I17907
23 Hill, Eliza  14 Apr 1842North Carolina, USA I14299
24 Ireland, David  1765North Carolina, USA I10552
25 Irwin, Jane E.  6 Jul 1822North Carolina, USA I11320
26 Irwin, John C.  16 Jun 1816North Carolina, USA I11318
27 Irwin, William  1760North Carolina, USA I13076
28 Irwin, William F.  12 Mar 1820North Carolina, USA I11319
29 Kearney, Emily T.  1835North Carolina, USA I23194
30 Kirkland, Martha Shepard  1793North Carolina, USA I10239
31 Lewis, Eliza Wilson  1784North Carolina, USA I3909
32 Lewis, Sarah Terrell  1785North Carolina, USA I3912
33 Litaker, John Wilson  8 Sep 1818North Carolina, USA I10746
34 McRae, Ann  26 Jan 1804North Carolina, USA I11084
35 McRae, James  1816North Carolina, USA I11095
36 McRae, James Purviance  1865North Carolina, USA I24088
37 Newton, James Elmore  18 May 1860North Carolina, USA I22732
38 Pilkington, Virginia C.  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I18095
39 Plunkett, Elenora P.  1810North Carolina, USA I11297
40 Plunkett, James L.  16 Sep 1822North Carolina, USA I11301
41 Plunkett, John Baldwin  1818North Carolina, USA I11299
42 Plunkett, Joseph M.  6 Sep 1820North Carolina, USA I11300
43 Plunkett, Robert Silas  15 Jun 1808North Carolina, USA I11296
44 Powell, Peter  1864North Carolina, USA I23199
45 Powell, Robert J.  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I23191
46 Powell, William Morgan  1818North Carolina, USA I17902
47 Purviance, Anna  3 Feb 1774North Carolina, USA I10560
48 Purviance, Anthaires  25 Jun 1789North Carolina, USA I24280
49 Purviance, David Hampton  1842North Carolina, USA I11640
50 Purviance, Elam  21 Oct 1787North Carolina, USA I10536

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Antes, Anna Catharine  9 Mar 1816North Carolina, USA I1860
2 Chew, Frances  3 Oct 1784North Carolina, USA I15237
3 Chew, Jane  Abt 1802North Carolina, USA I13699
4 Evans, Eleanor Rebecca  19 May 1824North Carolina, USA I10410
5 Ferguson, Mary  1802North Carolina, USA I13077
6 Foote, Richard  9 Dec 1775North Carolina, USA I18455
7 Grier, Margaret  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I10741
8 Houston, Agnes  26 Feb 1838North Carolina, USA I11294
9 Irwin, William  1783North Carolina, USA I13076
10 Purviance, Charles  1772North Carolina, USA I10371
11 Purviance, Elizabeth  1802North Carolina, USA I10522


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Campbell / Plunkett  25 Jul 1822North Carolina, USA F4346
2 Carruthers / Mackey  Jan 1789North Carolina, USA F4009
3 Gingles / Purviance  11 Oct 1836North Carolina, USA F4150
4 Hart / Simpson  25 Dec 1760North Carolina, USA F6990
5 Todd / Epes  1816North Carolina, USA F6070
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