Virginia, USA


Tree: mytree
State/Province : Latitude: 38.0667, Longitude: -78.5833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Sarah Ann  1821Virginia, USA I17326 mytree 
2 Alfriend, Martha P.  1813Virginia, USA I18890 mytree 
3 Alvey, Ida Floyd  Oct 1883Virginia, USA I22678 mytree 
4 Alvey, Lucille Savage  2 Aug 1886Virginia, USA I22680 mytree 
5 Anderson, Edward Randolph  8 Feb 1890Virginia, USA I8489 mytree 
6 Anderson, Fannie Jane  1835Virginia, USA I20193 mytree 
7 Anderson, George C.  1903Virginia, USA I23448 mytree 
8 Anderson, Gilliam W.  Nov 1855Virginia, USA I8482 mytree 
9 Anderson, Gilliam W. Jr.  Jan 1898Virginia, USA I23315 mytree 
10 Anderson, Helen Jackson  31 May 1891Virginia, USA I8490 mytree 
11 Anderson, James Powell  Abt 1799Virginia, USA I18023 mytree 
12 Anderson, Richard Drewry  2 Oct 1893Virginia, USA I8491 mytree 
13 Anderson, Robert T.  1906Virginia, USA I23449 mytree 
14 Anderson, Sarah  1739Virginia, USA I17974 mytree 
15 Anderson, Virginia C.  Apr 1896Virginia, USA I23314 mytree 
16 Ayres, Harriet  1839Virginia, USA I7593 mytree 
17 Bagwell, Thomas  1642Virginia, USA I24190 mytree 
18 Bailey, Eliza Twitty  1787Virginia, USA I19737 mytree 
19 Ball, Mariah  Abt 1835Virginia, USA I20824 mytree 
20 Battaile, Charles R.  Nov 1836Virginia, USA I23406 mytree 
21 Beale, Robert Hunter  6 Jul 1844Virginia, USA I20897 mytree 
22 Beardwell, Sarah Beck  1600Virginia, USA I23124 mytree 
23 Bolling, William Albert  21 Feb 1799Virginia, USA I22210 mytree 
24 Bowyer, Henry Winston  1798Virginia, USA I414 mytree 
25 Bowyer, Julia F.  Jun 1863Virginia, USA I584 mytree 
26 Bowyer, Matilda E.  Aug 1859Virginia, USA I582 mytree 
27 Boyd, Ann Tatum  5 Jul 1839Virginia, USA I18922 mytree 
28 Boyd, Charles Augustus  15 Mar 1841Virginia, USA I18924 mytree 
29 Boyd, Edward D.  1843Virginia, USA I18925 mytree 
30 Boyd, Sallie Elizabeth  Jul 1850Virginia, USA I18928 mytree 
31 Boyd, Theo. C.  1832Virginia, USA I18916 mytree 
32 Boyd, Thomas Atkinson  1845Virginia, USA I18926 mytree 
33 Boyd, William Kinkle  1848Virginia, USA I18927 mytree 
34 Boykin, Herbert Claiborne  1856Virginia, USA I21913 mytree 
35 Boykin, Mildred Isabelle  1853Virginia, USA I21912 mytree 
36 Boykin, Octavia  1837Virginia, USA I23945 mytree 
37 Boykin, Robert Hill  1855Virginia, USA I21910 mytree 
38 Boykin, Sarah Frances  1840Virginia, USA I23947 mytree 
39 Branch, Agnes J.  1841Virginia, USA I23872 mytree 
40 Branch, Ann M.  1845Virginia, USA I23874 mytree 
41 Branch, James P.  1842Virginia, USA I23873 mytree 
42 Branch, Mary F.  1837Virginia, USA I23871 mytree 
43 Branch, Robert F.  1787Virginia, USA I8536 mytree 
44 Branch, Robert Henry  8 Nov 1812Virginia, USA I18889 mytree 
45 Branch, Robert W.  1847Virginia, USA I23875 mytree 
46 Branch, William Porter  May 1849Virginia, USA I23876 mytree 
47 Breckinridge, Eliza Watts  30 Apr 1841Virginia, USA I408 mytree 
48 Breckinridge, Elizabeth  1760Virginia, USA I505 mytree 
49 Breckinridge, John Harmer  14 Jul 1844Virginia, USA I411 mytree 
50 Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell Jr.  6 Mar 1872Virginia, USA I20012 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alvey, Frances Byrd  20 Sep 1944Virginia, USA I22674 mytree 
2 Ambler, Ann  28 Jun 1832Virginia, USA I18385 mytree 
3 Archer, Peter Field  25 Apr 1814Virginia, USA I18021 mytree 
4 Beale, Charles Hoomes Jr.  3 Jun 2011Virginia, USA I20900 mytree 
5 Bolling, William Albert  30 Oct 1884Virginia, USA I22210 mytree 
6 Brown, Mabel Spottswood  11 Aug 1948Virginia, USA I21605 mytree 
7 Burton, Sarah Lena  5 May 1962Virginia, USA I22739 mytree 
8 Butts, Daniel Gregory Claiborne  13 Nov 1930Virginia, USA I8207 mytree 
9 Chew, James  27 Jan 1783Virginia, USA I15245 mytree 
10 Claiborne, John Colburn  1825Virginia, USA I7460 mytree 
11 Clopton, John Bacon  29 Mar 1860Virginia, USA I18919 mytree 
12 Cocke, Robert  28 Jun 1823Virginia, USA I21934 mytree 
13 Dadmun, Edward Turner  1923Virginia, USA I20910 mytree 
14 Davis, Anna Augustina  1 Aug 1897Virginia, USA I20867 mytree 
15 Davis, Henry Woodhouse  6 Oct 1936Virginia, USA I20945 mytree 
16 Doswell, Mary Epes Poythress  5 Aug 1874Virginia, USA I16562 mytree 
17 DuVal, Mary Frances  27 May 1893Virginia, USA I17214 mytree 
18 Edmunds, Jane  13 Oct 1782Virginia, USA I24576 mytree 
19 Epes, John  1831Virginia, USA I16782 mytree 
20 Epes, Thomas  Bef 6 Nov 1817Virginia, USA I16564 mytree 
21 Epes, William Dandridge  22 Dec 1848Virginia, USA I16758 mytree 
22 Finney, Sanford R.  25 Sep 1867Virginia, USA I21568 mytree 
23 Fisher, Edward Carrington  12 Jan 1890Virginia, USA I18383 mytree 
24 Fisher, George  1832Virginia, USA I18384 mytree 
25 Frise, Edwin Owen  16 Jul 1933Virginia, USA I20562 mytree 
26 Gamble, Robert  1760Virginia, USA I5465 mytree 
27 Gilpin, Thomas  2 Mar 1778Virginia, USA I22957 mytree 
28 Goodrich, Benjamin Briggs  1830Virginia, USA I18623 mytree 
29 Harris, Lunette  6 Sep 2010Virginia, USA I20901 mytree 
30 Hines, John Fore  19 Oct 1941Virginia, USA I23590 mytree 
31 Huffman, Ida Floyd  11 Mar 1950Virginia, USA I22677 mytree 
32 Jackson, Lucy Atkinson  1820Virginia, USA I7975 mytree 
33 Leigh, John Henry  May 1867Virginia, USA I16680 mytree 
34 Lightfoot, Philip Howell  30 Sep 1881Virginia, USA I8289 mytree 
35 McMinn, John Matthias  11 Sep 1870Virginia, USA I10096 mytree 
36 Radford, Mary  26 Mar 1810Virginia, USA I868 mytree 
37 Scott, Frances Branch  7 May 1843Virginia, USA I16759 mytree 
38 Thweatt, John  25 Apr 1803Virginia, USA I22371 mytree 
39 Warwick, Patsey  10 Dec 1828Virginia, USA I18633 mytree 
40 Williams, Catherine  1806Virginia, USA I16563 mytree 
41 Williams, Thomas  1763Virginia, USA I16557 mytree 
42 Wills, Margaret Josephine  8 Sep 1954Virginia, USA I20946 mytree 
43 Willson, Matthew  1834Virginia, USA I18312 mytree 
44 Wilson, Mary  11 Jan 1741Virginia, USA I355 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoey, William Kenneth  9 Jan 1967Virginia, USA I9050 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claiborne, Hamilton Cabell  Jan 1890Virginia, USA I8139 mytree 
2 Claiborne, T.S.   I23416 mytree 
3 Dudley, Sarah E.  Jan 1848Virginia, USA I23405 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dandridge, John  1715Virginia, USA I24490 mytree 
2 Yeo, Leonard  1637Virginia, USA I23129 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Floyd, John Buchanan  Between 1849 and 1852Virginia, USA I902 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cabell, Joseph Jr.  Bef 10 Sep 1787Virginia, USA I23963 mytree 
2 Carter, Francis  4 Sep 1814Virginia, USA I16693 mytree 
3 Neale, Juan Stanley  6 Jan 1861Virginia, USA I7860 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Chapman / Ewell  1765Virginia, USA F6761 mytree 
2 Chew / Caldwell  1765Virginia, USA F5529 mytree 
3 Cole / Beardwell  1631Virginia, USA F8888 mytree 
4 Ewell / Ewell  18 Dec 1762Virginia, USA F6767 mytree 
5 Fisher / Ambler  29 May 1795Virginia, USA F6716 mytree 
6 Greenhill / Hickman  1723Virginia, USA F5770 mytree 
7 Irvine / Cabell  29 Jun 1815Virginia, USA F6500 mytree 
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