Henrico, Virginia, USA


Tree: mytree
County/Shire : Latitude: 37.5508, Longitude: -77.4042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burton, Hutchins  9 Apr 1694Henrico, Virginia, USA I23147 mytree 
2 Burton, Marcia Amanda  1 Jun 1826Henrico, Virginia, USA I20077 mytree 
3 Cary, Judith  12 Aug 1726Henrico, Virginia, USA I5300 mytree 
4 Claiborne, Jonas  1723Henrico, Virginia, USA I18720 mytree 
5 Cobb, Rebecca  1731Henrico, Virginia, USA I19075 mytree 
6 Cox, George Jr.  19 Mar 1796Henrico, Virginia, USA I19726 mytree 
7 DuVal, Claiborne  18 Jul 1760Henrico, Virginia, USA I17170 mytree 
8 DuVal, Daniel  1755Henrico, Virginia, USA I17166 mytree 
9 DuVal, Humphrey Brooke  15 Sep 1785Henrico, Virginia, USA I17205 mytree 
10 DuVal, Lucy Claiborne  20 Jun 1773Henrico, Virginia, USA I17199 mytree 
11 DuVal, Philip  Abt 1757Henrico, Virginia, USA I17168 mytree 
12 DuVal, Samuel Jr.  13 Jan 1752Henrico, Virginia, USA I17164 mytree 
13 DuVal, William Pope  4 Sep 1784Henrico, Virginia, USA I17184 mytree 
14 Jones, Elizabeth  1794Henrico, Virginia, USA I18157 mytree 
15 Morton, Martha W.  1776Henrico, Virginia, USA I18700 mytree 
16 Napier, Patrick  1 Feb 1713Henrico, Virginia, USA I16135 mytree 
17 Perrin, Mary  1671Henrico, Virginia, USA I18934 mytree 
18 Pope, Ann  1753Henrico, Virginia, USA I17163 mytree 
19 Randolph, Jane  19 Nov 1755Henrico, Virginia, USA I17355 mytree 
20 Rolfe, Jane  10 Oct 1650Henrico, Virginia, USA I17278 mytree 
21 Thompson, Mary  1739Henrico, Virginia, USA I16196 mytree 
22 Willson, Thomas Branch  21 Oct 1730Henrico, Virginia, USA I18030 mytree 
23 Winston, Peter  14 Nov 1741Henrico, Virginia, USA I18153 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Susannah  1771Henrico, Virginia, USA I23118 mytree 
2 Burton, Hutchins  1763Henrico, Virginia, USA I23147 mytree 
3 Claiborne, Jonas  1764Henrico, Virginia, USA I18720 mytree 
4 Claiborne, Lucie  6 Mar 1810Henrico, Virginia, USA I16145 mytree 
5 DuVal, Daniel  1795Henrico, Virginia, USA I17166 mytree 
6 DuVal, Samuel  Feb 1784Henrico, Virginia, USA I16146 mytree 
7 DuVal, Samuel Shepherd  26 Aug 1800Henrico, Virginia, USA I17201 mytree 
8 Edwards, Anna Dunbar  24 Oct 1865Henrico, Virginia, USA I8539 mytree 
9 Gregory, William Ferdinand Chamberlayne  10 Jun 1887Henrico, Virginia, USA I20192 mytree 
10 Randolph, Jane  Mar 1796Henrico, Virginia, USA I17355 mytree 
11 Willson, Lucy  Henrico, Virginia, USA I18063 mytree 
12 Winston, Peter  24 Oct 1784Henrico, Virginia, USA I18153 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claiborne, Fannie E.  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8043 mytree 
2 Claiborne, William  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8037 mytree 
3 Edwards, Anna Dunbar  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8539 mytree 
4 Smithey, Eleanor Scott  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8042 mytree 
5 Tatum, Edwin Dunbar  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8564 mytree 
6 Tatum, John Calhoun  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8565 mytree 
7 Tatum, Louisianna  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I18912 mytree 
8 Tatum, Rosabelle  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I18913 mytree 
9 Tatum, Theophilus Jr.  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8567 mytree 
10 Tatum, Theophilus  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8535 mytree 
11 Tatum, William Henry  1850Henrico, Virginia, USA I8566 mytree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bell / Cary  1744Henrico, Virginia, USA F2223 mytree 
2 Dunscomb / DuVal  14 Oct 1784Henrico, Virginia, USA F6240 mytree 
3 Lipscomb / Foster  9 Nov 1820Henrico, Virginia, USA F7426 mytree 
4 Napier / Perrin  8 Oct 1689Henrico, Virginia, USA F5768 mytree 
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