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Illinois, USA: JHBL Genealogy

Illinois, USA


Tree: mytree
State/Province : Latitude: 39.7333, Longitude: -88.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albright, George Darling  Nov 1861Illinois, USA I22555 mytree 
2 Alkeny, Ruth  Jun 1893Illinois, USA I12864 mytree 
3 Alley, Erma Ruth  5 Apr 1923Illinois, USA I24315 mytree 
4 Barrow, Margaret Armstrong  Jun 1887Illinois, USA I8459 mytree 
5 Blackburn, William Patrick  Nov 1860Illinois, USA I22553 mytree 
6 Brown, Frank H.  Sep 1869Illinois, USA I15946 mytree 
7 Brown, Vachel Hamilton  Mar 1860Illinois, USA I15944 mytree 
8 Campbell, Isabel M.  24 Nov 1853Illinois, USA I11485 mytree 
9 Campbell, John D.  24 Oct 1866Illinois, USA I11478 mytree 
10 Campbell, Peter Abraham  13 Sep 1858Illinois, USA I11476 mytree 
11 Cartwright, Jennie E.  1869Illinois, USA I23847 mytree 
12 Cartwright, Robert A.  1871Illinois, USA I11435 mytree 
13 Chew, G. E.  1874Illinois, USA I13837 mytree 
14 Chew, John  1845Illinois, USA I13833 mytree 
15 Chew, Lemuel Augustus  Mar 1846Illinois, USA I13834 mytree 
16 Chew, M.   I14563 mytree 
17 Chew, N.   I14562 mytree 
18 Chew, William Henry  1844Illinois, USA I13832 mytree 
19 Chew, William Henry  1872Illinois, USA I13836 mytree 
20 Claiborne, Adlade  1879Illinois, USA I23356 mytree 
21 Claiborne, Mildred  Mar 1877Illinois, USA I23355 mytree 
22 Cobean, Mary Elizabeth  26 Sep 1880Illinois, USA I12822 mytree 
23 Correll, Frank  Abt 1870Illinois, USA I11452 mytree 
24 Correll, Kate  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I11453 mytree 
25 Correll, Pearl G.  Abt 1879Illinois, USA I24000 mytree 
26 Crenshaw, William Robert  1829Illinois, USA I22530 mytree 
27 Crowl, Kelsey Glee  21 Sep 1891Illinois, USA I14161 mytree 
28 Davis, Martha C.  19 Nov 1848Illinois, USA I11529 mytree 
29 Doolittle, Mary  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I9778 mytree 
30 Duncan, Cynthia A.  1870Illinois, USA I11563 mytree 
31 Duncan, Franklin W.  1839Illinois, USA I11560 mytree 
32 Duncan, Greene T.  1872Illinois, USA I11564 mytree 
33 Duncan, Jasper Newton  1868Illinois, USA I11562 mytree 
34 Duncan, Margaret S.  28 Nov 1841Illinois, USA I11361 mytree 
35 Duncan, Mary M.  1865Illinois, USA I11561 mytree 
36 Duncan, Minerva  15 Sep 1822Illinois, USA I11571 mytree 
37 Enk, Edward  1877Illinois, USA I23758 mytree 
38 Enk, Lily  Aug 1881Illinois, USA I23749 mytree 
39 Enk, Mary  1876Illinois, USA I23757 mytree 
40 Freeman, Jessie  Aug 1869Illinois, USA I22795 mytree 
41 Geer, Jessie  2 Dec 1862Illinois, USA I12858 mytree 
42 Heape, Nancy Lee  Aug 1850Illinois, USA I13835 mytree 
43 Ireland, Electra Francelia  29 Oct 1859Illinois, USA I12638 mytree 
44 Ireland, Frances Lovetta  9 Mar 1858Illinois, USA I12636 mytree 
45 Ireland, Franklin Purviance  14 Nov 1863Illinois, USA I12641 mytree 
46 Ireland, Linus Leroy  22 Jun 1854Illinois, USA I12633 mytree 
47 Ireland, Marshall James  18 Oct 1852Illinois, USA I12631 mytree 
48 Irwin, Ada R.  1876Illinois, USA I11569 mytree 
49 Irwin, Adolphus J.  Dec 1864Illinois, USA I11523 mytree 
50 Irwin, Amos Dick  12 Oct 1839Illinois, USA I11519 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hamilton, Robert Franklin  30 Oct 1898Illinois, USA I11595 mytree 
2 Hunt, Mabel Katherine  1907Illinois, USA I22539 mytree 
3 P, Gertrude  1983Illinois, USA I20353 mytree 
4 Purviance, Peyton Asbury  22 Feb 1890Illinois, USA I11440 mytree 
5 Purviance, William Houston Harvey  25 Sep 1855Illinois, USA I11310 mytree 
6 Purvines, Edgar Charles  15 Dec 1921Illinois, USA I11348 mytree 
7 Purvines, James Oscar  11 Aug 1924Illinois, USA I11347 mytree 
8 Purvines, Nancy Semira  1852Illinois, USA I11343 mytree 
9 Sellon, Maurine  30 Sep 1925Illinois, USA I20355 mytree 
10 Sellon, William Ira  1934Illinois, USA I20354 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Purvine, Catherine  Illinois, USA I10779 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Purvines / Eaton  21 Apr 1864Illinois, USA F4385 mytree 
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