Kentucky, USA


Tree: mytree
State/Province : Latitude: 37.825, Longitude: -84.2333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Appoline  14 Sep 1828Kentucky, USA I1142 mytree 
2 Allin, George S.  1828Kentucky, USA I19327 mytree 
3 Allin, Joseph C.  May 1837Kentucky, USA I19333 mytree 
4 Allin, Philip T.  3 Mar 1835Kentucky, USA I19331 mytree 
5 Allin, Samuel Daviess  31 Mar 1840Kentucky, USA I19334 mytree 
6 Allin, Sarah  1832Kentucky, USA I19330 mytree 
7 Allin, William  1815Kentucky, USA I19323 mytree 
8 Anderson, Jane  1806Kentucky, USA I11219 mytree 
9 Anderson, Martha  1846Kentucky, USA I19445 mytree 
10 Bailey, Lucy Ann  1822Kentucky, USA I16507 mytree 
11 Breckinridge, Campbell Preston  24 Sep 1869Kentucky, USA I1223 mytree 
12 Breckinridge, Charles  1857Kentucky, USA I1248 mytree 
13 Breckinridge, Charles H.  9 Sep 1844Kentucky, USA I743 mytree 
14 Breckinridge, Cornelia  1861Kentucky, USA I1252 mytree 
15 Breckinridge, Desha  5 Aug 1867Kentucky, USA I1222 mytree 
16 Breckinridge, Ethelbert D.  1876Kentucky, USA I23568 mytree 
17 Breckinridge, Fanny  1854Kentucky, USA I1235 mytree 
18 Breckinridge, Frances  1849Kentucky, USA I1187 mytree 
19 Breckinridge, Frances  1859Kentucky, USA I1249 mytree 
20 Breckinridge, Frances Anne  1812Kentucky, USA I713 mytree 
21 Breckinridge, Francis Prevost  31 Dec 1874Kentucky, USA I1258 mytree 
22 Breckinridge, J. Cabell  1844Kentucky, USA I1185 mytree 
23 Breckinridge, John Witherspoon Owen  22 Dec 1850Kentucky, USA I1188 mytree 
24 Breckinridge, Margaret Miller  1850Kentucky, USA I1193 mytree 
25 Breckinridge, Marie L. P.  1836Kentucky, USA I738 mytree 
26 Breckinridge, Mary Curry Desha  1 Sep 1875Kentucky, USA I20011 mytree 
27 Breckinridge, Mary D.  1854Kentucky, USA I1190 mytree 
28 Breckinridge, Robert  1858Kentucky, USA I1237 mytree 
29 Breckinridge, Sally Campbell  18 Sep 1832Kentucky, USA I736 mytree 
30 Breckinridge, Sarah  1870Kentucky, USA I1189 mytree 
31 Breckinridge, Thomas  1872Kentucky, USA I1251 mytree 
32 Breckinridge, Virginia Hart  10 Feb 1847Kentucky, USA I745 mytree 
33 Bright, Mary Turpin  31 Oct 1837Kentucky, USA I21159 mytree 
34 Brown, Mary A.  1825Kentucky, USA I15488 mytree 
35 Buchanan, Mildred Claiborne  Jun 1891Kentucky, USA I7688 mytree 
36 Buchanan, Warren Henderson  Oct 1888Kentucky, USA I7687 mytree 
37 Buckner, Simon B.  Jul 1887Kentucky, USA I23263 mytree 
38 Bullock, Cabell Breckinridge  6 Apr 1840Kentucky, USA I1168 mytree 
39 Bullock, John M.  1848Kentucky, USA I1171 mytree 
40 Bullock, Joseph James Jr.  1843Kentucky, USA I1169 mytree 
41 Bullock, Letitia B.  1846Kentucky, USA I1170 mytree 
42 Bullock, Mary S.  1838Kentucky, USA I1167 mytree 
43 Bullock, Waller  1834Kentucky, USA I1166 mytree 
44 Burch, Mary Cryene  16 Aug 1826Kentucky, USA I1183 mytree 
45 Calvin, Andrew H.  1803Kentucky, USA I700 mytree 
46 Calvin, John William  1840Kentucky, USA I701 mytree 
47 Calvin, Robert Porston  1843Kentucky, USA I702 mytree 
48 Chew, Joseph W.  1841Kentucky, USA I15487 mytree 
49 Chew, Maria H.  1838Kentucky, USA I15485 mytree 
50 Chew, Samuel  1763Kentucky, USA I13559 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Breckinridge, Campbell Preston  12 Oct 1870Kentucky, USA I1223 mytree 
2 Breckinridge, Preston  11 Dec 1819Kentucky, USA I504 mytree 
3 Chalkley, Lyman  21 Apr 1934Kentucky, USA I20030 mytree 
4 Chew, Elizabeth  Abt Jun 1828Kentucky, USA I13599 mytree 
5 Chew, Thomas  Kentucky, USA I16967 mytree 
6 Combe, Charlotte Amelia  13 Nov 1905Kentucky, USA I19997 mytree 
7 Dudley, Ambrose  1875Kentucky, USA I24045 mytree 
8 DuVal, Caroline Tabitha  14 Nov 1900Kentucky, USA I17710 mytree 
9 Pope, Nathaniel  21 Nov 1806Kentucky, USA I17174 mytree 
10 Preston, Ann  1813Kentucky, USA I500 mytree 
11 Preston, Lettice  Mar 1798Kentucky, USA I495 mytree 
12 Preston, Margaret  1802Kentucky, USA I498 mytree 
13 Thompson, Emily  10 Mar 1846Kentucky, USA I19336 mytree 
14 Thompson, John Burton  1 Jul 1833Kentucky, USA I19200 mytree 
15 Thompson, Martha  4 Sep 1846Kentucky, USA I19335 mytree 
16 Thompson, Susan B.  26 Dec 1852Kentucky, USA I19338 mytree 
17 Warfield, William  21 Jan 1907Kentucky, USA I1202 mytree 
18 Warren, Maria Boswell  24 Jul 1870Kentucky, USA I20033 mytree 
19 Watkins, Thomas N.  29 Jul 1855Kentucky, USA I19339 mytree 
20 Woolfolk, Ann Cecilia  11 Jan 1935Kentucky, USA I19595 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buckner, Simon Bolivar  Between 1887 and 1891Kentucky, USA I21850 mytree 
2 Shelby, Isaac  Between 1792 and 1796Kentucky, USA I20021 mytree 
3 Shelby, Isaac  Between 1812 and 1816Kentucky, USA I20021 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berry, William  Kentucky, USA I6971 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DuVal / Russell  16 Oct 1816Kentucky, USA F6270 mytree 
2 Floyd / Preston  13 May 1804Kentucky, USA F364 mytree 
3 Mitchell / Purviance  15 Dec 1798Kentucky, USA F4033 mytree 
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