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New Jersey, USA: JHBL Genealogy

New Jersey, USA


Tree: mytree
State/Province : Latitude: 40, Longitude: -74.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Annie  Nov 1859New Jersey, USA I15029 mytree 
2 Caroline Z.  Abt 1846New Jersey, USA I14992 mytree 
3 Cynthia Frances  Jul 1864New Jersey, USA I15004 mytree 
4 Ethel  9 Oct 1909New Jersey, USA I15008 mytree 
5 Hannah A.  Abt 1837New Jersey, USA I14763 mytree 
6 Keziah  1824New Jersey, USA I15052 mytree 
7 Mary C.  1833New Jersey, USA I15023 mytree 
8 Mary E.  1802New Jersey, USA I15114 mytree 
9 Phoebe N.  Abt 1840New Jersey, USA I14775 mytree 
10 Rachel  16 Jun 1810New Jersey, USA I14747 mytree 
11 Rebecca  1793New Jersey, USA I15110 mytree 
12 Rebecca  1823New Jersey, USA I15112 mytree 
13 Wilhelmina  Mar 1878New Jersey, USA I15180 mytree 
14 Abbott, Elizabeth  1813New Jersey, USA I14672 mytree 
15 Allen, Sarah Ann  5 Feb 1822New Jersey, USA I14776 mytree 
16 Allen, Sarah H.  1817New Jersey, USA I14754 mytree 
17 Baird, Harriet  6 Jul 1822New Jersey, USA I1453 mytree 
18 Ballinger, Aaron E.  Sep 1841New Jersey, USA I15042 mytree 
19 Ballinger, Elisha  1870New Jersey, USA I15043 mytree 
20 Barber, Augustus S.  Aug 1848New Jersey, USA I14828 mytree 
21 Barley, John R.  Abt 1856New Jersey, USA I14866 mytree 
22 Barton, Clara A.  Abt Oct 1874New Jersey, USA I15160 mytree 
23 Beckett, Sophia Bee  6 Sep 1809New Jersey, USA I14748 mytree 
24 Beckett, Williiam B.  12 Nov 1823New Jersey, USA I14924 mytree 
25 Blauvelt, Clara Louise  25 Jul 1898New Jersey, USA I23711 mytree 
26 Bosloper, Elizabeth  1895New Jersey, USA I24030 mytree 
27 Bowers, Anna  Feb 1889New Jersey, USA I15165 mytree 
28 Bowers, Paul  Sep 1857New Jersey, USA I15164 mytree 
29 Bozolak, A.M.   I9215 mytree 
30 Bruner, Edward C. H.  20 May 1858New Jersey, USA I15072 mytree 
31 Bruner, Solomon  Feb 1835New Jersey, USA I15071 mytree 
32 Carroll, M.A.   I2641 mytree 
33 Carter, Fannie C.  1 Jul 1858New Jersey, USA I14889 mytree 
34 Carter, Sarah  31 Aug 1808New Jersey, USA I14877 mytree 
35 Cassidy, Louella  1871New Jersey, USA I15075 mytree 
36 Chapman, M.P.   I23978 mytree 
37 Chattin, Ellwn R.  1847New Jersey, USA I14671 mytree 
38 Chew, Abigail A.  Jan 1830New Jersey, USA I14647 mytree 
39 Chew, Abigail Ann  20 Aug 1869New Jersey, USA I14902 mytree 
40 Chew, Achsah Ann  30 May 1844New Jersey, USA I14947 mytree 
41 Chew, Albert  Abt Mar 1895New Jersey, USA I15162 mytree 
42 Chew, Alicia  Abt Apr 1892New Jersey, USA I14805 mytree 
43 Chew, Alonza T.  Abt Jun 1850New Jersey, USA I14731 mytree 
44 Chew, Alonzo Smith  Oct 1864New Jersey, USA I15036 mytree 
45 Chew, Amanda Louisa  1848New Jersey, USA I15068 mytree 
46 Chew, Andrew  1835New Jersey, USA I14674 mytree 
47 Chew, Andrew J.  Abt 1837New Jersey, USA I14645 mytree 
48 Chew, Andrew S.  1787New Jersey, USA I14423 mytree 
49 Chew, Ann  1813New Jersey, USA I14640 mytree 
50 Chew, Ann Maria  May 1845New Jersey, USA I14779 mytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Elizabeth  Bef 1870New Jersey, USA I14672 mytree 
2 Allen, Sarah H.  11 Dec 1859New Jersey, USA I14754 mytree 
3 Chew, Alonzo Smith  20 Feb 1914New Jersey, USA I15036 mytree 
4 Chew, Asher K.  25 Dec 1854New Jersey, USA I15017 mytree 
5 Chew, Benjamin  1 Apr 1848New Jersey, USA I14750 mytree 
6 Chew, Benjamin F.  18 Apr 1933New Jersey, USA I14899 mytree 
7 Chew, Clara Virginia  23 Nov 1920New Jersey, USA I14973 mytree 
8 Chew, Cornelius A.  22 Feb 1867New Jersey, USA I14737 mytree 
9 Chew, Dayton L.  14 Mar 1897New Jersey, USA I14742 mytree 
10 Chew, Elijah  4 Nov 1872New Jersey, USA I14425 mytree 
11 Chew, Elisha  22 Sep 1849New Jersey, USA I14406 mytree 
12 Chew, Frank Charles  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA I14689 mytree 
13 Chew, Harry Harrison  Sep 1939New Jersey, USA I14890 mytree 
14 Chew, Henry D.  17 Jun 1847New Jersey, USA I14749 mytree 
15 Chew, Howard  9 Jan 1850New Jersey, USA I14949 mytree 
16 Chew, John B.  7 Feb 1875New Jersey, USA I14783 mytree 
17 Chew, Jonas C.  Abt 1866New Jersey, USA I14637 mytree 
18 Chew, Keziah  2 May 1831New Jersey, USA I14879 mytree 
19 Chew, Luther L.  2 Feb 1921New Jersey, USA I14885 mytree 
20 Chew, Margaret Gildea  12 Sep 1880New Jersey, USA I14977 mytree 
21 Chew, Margaret S.  21 Nov 1861New Jersey, USA I15021 mytree 
22 Chew, Mary  Abt Jan 1737New Jersey, USA I14309 mytree 
23 Chew, Nathaniel  14 Jul 1841New Jersey, USA I14403 mytree 
24 Chew, Samuel  9 Sep 1912New Jersey, USA I14941 mytree 
25 Chew, Sarah D.  Abt May 1834New Jersey, USA I14514 mytree 
26 Chew, Sarah E.  19 May 1921New Jersey, USA I14732 mytree 
27 Chew, Sarah J.  3 Mar 1917New Jersey, USA I14900 mytree 
28 Chew, Septimus H.  19 Jan 1903New Jersey, USA I14976 mytree 
29 Chew, Sylvester Nathan  3 Apr 1887New Jersey, USA I14774 mytree 
30 Chew, Thomas  Abt 1752New Jersey, USA I14308 mytree 
31 Chew, Thomas H. G.  17 Feb 1880New Jersey, USA I14736 mytree 
32 Chew, Thomas Jefferson  18 Feb 1912New Jersey, USA I14720 mytree 
33 Chew, William  4 Dec 1881New Jersey, USA I15134 mytree 
34 Chew, William W.  25 Apr 1933New Jersey, USA I14903 mytree 
35 Eastlack, John Cawman  13 Oct 1888New Jersey, USA I14517 mytree 
36 Kirkpatrick, Andrew  7 Jan 1831New Jersey, USA I6022 mytree 
37 Lamb, John Wallace  Bef 1920New Jersey, USA I14996 mytree 
38 Lewin, Francis Ashley Wake  11 Dec 1943New Jersey, USA I9770 mytree 
39 Morgan, Randall W.  31 Jul 1789New Jersey, USA I15193 mytree 
40 Richards, Mary  7 May 1816New Jersey, USA I14400 mytree 
41 Stanger, Margaret  12 Mar 1866New Jersey, USA I15135 mytree 
42 Turner, Sarah Jane  15 Apr 1915New Jersey, USA I14920 mytree 
43 West, Mary  27 Feb 1848New Jersey, USA I14513 mytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cannon, Bridget  New Jersey, USA I9184 mytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bruner /   Abt 1878New Jersey, USA F5484 mytree 
2 Chew /   1882New Jersey, USA F5474 mytree 
3 Chew / Chew  2 Sep 1865New Jersey, USA F5416 mytree 
4 Chew / Eldridge  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA F5418 mytree 
5 Chew / Hughes  9 Aug 1898New Jersey, USA F5446 mytree 
6 Chew / Richards  1888New Jersey, USA F5448 mytree 
7 Chew / Tatem  Abt 1707New Jersey, USA F5291 mytree 
8 Chew / Unknown  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA F5417 mytree 
9 Dilks / Chew  1907New Jersey, USA F5463 mytree 
10 Eastlack / Chew  1 Jan 1829New Jersey, USA F5361 mytree 
11 Gray / Mei   F2583 mytree 
12 Lamb / Berry  Bef 1893New Jersey, USA F5467 mytree 
13 Martin / Chew  Abt 1735New Jersey, USA F5294 mytree 
14 Newbie / Chew  Abt 1706New Jersey, USA F5295 mytree 
15 Peirce / Sellers  19 Jun 1759New Jersey, USA F8769 mytree 
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