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Sangamon, Illinois, USA: JHBL Genealogy

Sangamon, Illinois, USA


Tree: mytree
County/Shire : Latitude: 39.7581, Longitude: -89.658


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bone, Catherine E.  25 Mar 1841Sangamon, Illinois, USA I24239 mytree 
2 Cameron, Mary Jane  31 Jan 1820Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11697 mytree 
3 Campbell, Charles A.  14 Dec 1868Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11479 mytree 
4 Campbell, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1860Sangamon, Illinois, USA I23967 mytree 
5 Campbell, George Bunn  20 Apr 1856Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11475 mytree 
6 Campbell, Ida Jane  13 Dec 1863Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11477 mytree 
7 Campbell, Jasper S.  23 Sep 1864Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11493 mytree 
8 Campbell, John H.  19 May 1828Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11466 mytree 
9 Campbell, Matilda Caroline  8 Nov 1853Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11474 mytree 
10 Campbell, Oliver B.  8 Jan 1870Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11491 mytree 
11 Campbell, Robert R.  13 Aug 1823Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11465 mytree 
12 Campbell, Samuel Hiram  18 Mar 1849Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11472 mytree 
13 Campbell, William J.  Oct 1862Sangamon, Illinois, USA I23968 mytree 
14 Campbell, William VanBuren  2 May 1836Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11469 mytree 
15 Cartwright, Annie May  1857Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11430 mytree 
16 Cartwright, Elizabeth Frances  1849Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11428 mytree 
17 Cartwright, John M.  1854Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11429 mytree 
18 Cartwright, Martha J.  Dec 1842Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11426 mytree 
19 Duff, Abraham Jackson  27 May 1828Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11338 mytree 
20 Hamilton, Clara M.  24 Aug 1859Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11605 mytree 
21 Hamilton, Robert Franklin  15 Nov 1824Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11595 mytree 
22 Harrison, Wealthy Mary Jane  Aug 1831Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11449 mytree 
23 Irwin, Green Perry  1845Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11565 mytree 
24 Irwin, Martha Elizabeth Ellen  27 Feb 1837Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11379 mytree 
25 Irwin, Martha J.  15 Dec 1839Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11559 mytree 
26 Irwin, William Franklin  21 Oct 1837Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11556 mytree 
27 Moore, Florence  1840Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11423 mytree 
28 Penny, Cynthia S.  6 Oct 1826Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11471 mytree 
29 Plunkett, Benjamin Houston  15 Jun 1825Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11302 mytree 
30 Plunkett, Emma Jane  27 Feb 1860Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11502 mytree 
31 Plunkett, Silas Pinkney  15 Jun 1828Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11303 mytree 
32 Purviance, Alexander Jasper  3 Aug 1840Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11345 mytree 
33 Purviance, Peyton Asbury  3 Aug 1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11440 mytree 
34 Purviance, Samuel F.  30 Mar 1822Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11312 mytree 
35 Purvines, Achilles Newton  1 Dec 1832Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11370 mytree 
36 Purvines, David P.  17 Jan 1832Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11313 mytree 
37 Purvines, Edgar Charles  10 Jul 1847Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11348 mytree 
38 Purvines, Elizabeth Jane  23 Jun 1824Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11331 mytree 
39 Purvines, Itha Livesta  12 Sep 1843Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11346 mytree 
40 Purvines, James Oscar  2 Nov 1845Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11347 mytree 
41 Purvines, John Franklin  6 Apr 1839Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11373 mytree 
42 Purvines, John Weddington  25 Oct 1821Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11330 mytree 
43 Purvines, Margaret Anne  5 Sep 1832Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11337 mytree 
44 Purvines, Nancy Semira  9 Aug 1836Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11343 mytree 
45 Purvines, Nathan Stanhope  3 Mar 1829Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11311 mytree 
46 Purvines, William Graham  3 Sep 1834Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11339 mytree 
47 Zane, Andrew  20 Aug 1846Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11601 mytree 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bone, Catherine E.  1 Sep 1841Sangamon, Illinois, USA I24239 mytree 
2 Broadwell, Cynthelia  10 Aug 1847Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11521 mytree 
3 Broadwell, Jane S.  3 Jan 1893Sangamon, Illinois, USA I12728 mytree 
4 Campbell, Jasper S.  24 Sep 1883Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11493 mytree 
5 Campbell, Oliver B.  12 Oct 1872Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11491 mytree 
6 Campbell, William VanBuren  9 Apr 1919Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11469 mytree 
7 Cartwright, Annie May  Aft 1896Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11430 mytree 
8 Cartwright, John M.  Aft 1896Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11429 mytree 
9 Cartwright, Madison A.  1 May 1896Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11309 mytree 
10 Combs, Ruth  23 Feb 1844Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11495 mytree 
11 Duncan, Cynthia  6 Apr 1872Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11551 mytree 
12 Harrison, Frances Ann  10 Jul 1897Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11436 mytree 
13 Hudson, Rachel  6 Jul 1866Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10877 mytree 
14 Hughes, Mary Ann  1849Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11359 mytree 
15 Irwin, Alexander B.  2 Sep 1894Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11520 mytree 
16 Irwin, Green Perry  4 Sep 1871Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11565 mytree 
17 Irwin, Ralph Waldo  1964Sangamon, Illinois, USA I20037 mytree 
18 Irwin, Samuel Linney  1 Mar 1845Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11388 mytree 
19 Irwin, William Franklin  26 Feb 1904Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11556 mytree 
20 Lisenby, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1832Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10732 mytree 
21 Plunkett, James  1841Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11293 mytree 
22 Plunkett, Nancy  23 Feb 1883Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11295 mytree 
23 Plunkett, Robert Silas  19 Sep 1890Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11296 mytree 
24 Purvines, Elizabeth  8 Mar 1858Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10727 mytree 
25 Purvines, Elizabeth Jane  13 Sep 1852Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11331 mytree 
26 Purvines, Emily Frances  21 Jun 1934Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11450 mytree 
27 Purvines, John  27 Sep 1833Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10450 mytree 
28 Purvines, John Graham  1 Jan 1863Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10731 mytree 
29 Purvines, John Weddington  1841Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11330 mytree 
30 Purvines, Lydia Jane  25 Aug 1861Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11368 mytree 
31 Purvines, Margaret J.  25 Oct 1852Sangamon, Illinois, USA I10729 mytree 
32 Purvines, Nathan L.  12 Aug 1925Sangamon, Illinois, USA I12245 mytree 
33 Valentine, Mary Elizabeth  1 Dec 1888Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11490 mytree 
34 Valentine, Samuel  19 Sep 1885Sangamon, Illinois, USA I19710 mytree 
35 Young, Sophia  1882Sangamon, Illinois, USA I19711 mytree 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cartwright, Elizabeth Frances  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11428 mytree 
2 Cartwright, Madison A.  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11309 mytree 
3 Cartwright, Martha J.  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11426 mytree 
4 Cartwright, Peter S.  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11427 mytree 
5 Cartwright, William T.  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11420 mytree 
6 Crenshaw, William Robert  1860Sangamon, Illinois, USA I22530 mytree 
7 Leigh, Laura Ann  1860Sangamon, Illinois, USA I22529 mytree 
8 Purvines, Nancy Matilda  1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA I11308 mytree 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bone / Foster  28 Nov 1839Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4358 mytree 
2 Bone / Purvines  16 Apr 1845Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4359 mytree 
3 Campbell / Penny  13 Dec 1847Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4434 mytree 
4 Campbell / Valentine  13 Feb 1862Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4437 mytree 
5 Cartwright / Moore  21 Oct 1869Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4420 mytree 
6 Duff / Purvines  10 Jan 1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4384 mytree 
7 Duncan / Irwin  14 Jan 1864Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4455 mytree 
8 Eaton / Cartwright  17 Mar 1840Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4386 mytree 
9 Gum / Irwin  Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4376 mytree 
10 Harnsberger / Harrison  18 Feb 1846Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4439 mytree 
11 Irwin / Broadwell  18 Oct 1838Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4447 mytree 
12 Irwin / Broadwell  28 Feb 1855Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4448 mytree 
13 Irwin / Campbell  23 Jan 1851Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4375 mytree 
14 Irwin / Duncan  19 Jan 1837Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4373 mytree 
15 Irwin / Duncan  12 Jun 1842Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4374 mytree 
16 Irwin / Plunkett  16 May 1832Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4351 mytree 
17 Irwin / Thompson  20 Oct 1910Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4799 mytree 
18 Plunkett / Combs  5 Nov 1829Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4347 mytree 
19 Plunkett / Cone  Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4353 mytree 
20 Plunkett / Cone  13 Apr 1850Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4355 mytree 
21 Plunkett / Conner  Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4352 mytree 
22 Plunkett / Dunkel  5 Mar 1857Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4444 mytree 
23 Plunkett / King  15 Jun 1848Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4354 mytree 
24 Purviance / Covingtron  17 Aug 1864Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4191 mytree 
25 Purviance / Harrison  25 Feb 1847Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4367 mytree 
26 Purvines / Cox  2 Aug 1821Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4138 mytree 
27 Purvines / Harnett  7 Jan 1874Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4407 mytree 
28 Purvines / Harrington  14 Sep 1898Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4645 mytree 
29 Purvines / Irwin  27 Apr 1826Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4139 mytree 
30 Purvines / Irwin  22 Nov 1855Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4395 mytree 
31 Shepherd / Purvines  Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4140 mytree 
32 Zane / Purvines  14 Jun 1860Sangamon, Illinois, USA F4406 mytree 
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