2012, Bring It On! Print
Written by John H. B. Latrobe Jr.   
Friday, 16 December 2011 00:42

I can't believe a whole year has passed since I've written here; I'm not sure anyone reads this anyway. But I've been very busy adding to my family tree and I currently have around 23,250 names. So I'll try to list what's new and improved.

1. Family Tree Maker 2012! The biggest improvement in FTM 2012 is the ability to sync your desktop database with an online tree on Ancestry.com. I use this sync feature but I'm keeping my online tree private until Ancestry gives my the ability to privatize living people. Also, I ran into sync problems when I made changes online so now I only make changes in FTM.

2. I've subscribed to Ancestry.com. It's not cheap but it makes documenting my data so much easier. I don't like the idea of charging for access to my tree so I'll still keep my tree here updated.

3. Census records and other vital records. FTM 2012 finally added the ability to export media links in a gedcom file. Since I use a gedcom file to update my online tree it's now much easier to add photos online. Before I had to upload the photos and manually create a link for each photo, so I rarely did. Now I just need to link to the photo in FTM and upload all my photos in bulk. Then when I perform an online update the links are automatically created. So far I've added over 300 census scans.

4. Google Maps! I started this months ago by adding map info for all the unique places in my tree. The TNG software which runs on my website has the ability to import long/lat coordinates from a gedcom but FTM won't export them. So I have to maually edit each place name to add the Google map info. I currently have over 3000 different places so this took a long time. Hopefully I'll never have to recreate these. I also have over 360 cemeteries.

That's all I can think off right now... 

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